One Moms Trash Is Another Moms Treasure

Image stolen from eBay but I'll give it back if they ask

On Sunday I was going through BabyGirl’s closet to thin out all the clothes she doesn’t wear or are too small. In doing so we made two piles. Those clothes that will be given away to our favorite charity – Global Family Philanthropy – and those that I need to go through again and determine what to really do with them.

And so with pile of things to go through again I was thinking of the various alternatives that are out there. Do I take them to the consignment or resale shop? They’re good brands. Most have only been worn once or twice. Do I just give them away? Will people think I’m pawning off my junk? Again, we’re talking nice brands like Oilily and April Cornell and Betsey Johnson and Mini Boden and Catimini. Definitely not crap. Maybe I put them on eBay?

Yes, eBay! I could potentially get money to once again buy more clothes for BabyGirl. Her closet is almost bare what with the now 55 hangers that have nothing on them. And I shop on eBay so maybe others will buy my stuff too.

And with my uploaded images of all these clothes and shoes I’ve started listing them on eBay. NWT. EUC. NWoT. All the acronyms and details of what I’m selling. In hopes that someone wants my trash.  Because I know I’ll be buying another mom’s trash in a little while.  With that click to make the listing live I take a deep breath and hope they sell. I want someone to like these clothes too and buy them so I can then buy stuff too.

Within minutes I had my first bids. Yay! Someone wants what I’m selling at my virtual garage sale. Another mom wants my trash! It’s a lot of work, I won’t lie. Taking pictures, filling in the listing, up loading, describing, including all kinds of details so that my junk will get top dollar.

Is it worth it? Maybe? Does it take time? Yes, yes it does. But here’s the thing. It’s great to share and give things away. I’m all for supporting other moms and charities by passing good clothing and shoes along. When I’ve spent as much money on these things as I’ve got tied up in them I want to try and recoup some of my ‘investment’. It’s the frugalista in me. I need to find a way to keep rolling the money from infant outfit all the way to prom dress.

Many of us frugal gals still want to dress nicely and buy nice things for our kids. Places like eBay and Craigslist and ThredUp are all great way for us to not only find good deals but also sell our ‘trash’.

Do you pass your kids’ clothing on to friends, family or charity? Or do you try and sell them? Do you believe that One Moms Trash is Another Moms Treasure?

Disclosure: I wrote this post because it is what I wanted to talk about. eBay doesn’t know who I am and probably doesn’t care. They didn’t pay me or even contact me for that matter. It’s just your lucky day to be reading about how I’m going to get rich selling my daughter’s clothes on eBay.

Author: Sara

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4 thoughts on “One Moms Trash Is Another Moms Treasure”

  1. I used to sell on eBay all the time, but I just don’t buy those brands that sell very much, and it can really be time consuming. Plus the stress of dealing with buyers that aren’t very nice just wasn’t worth it to me. If I have a really great brand with great resale, I’ll do it but it isn’t that often since we don’t spend the money on those brands anymore.

  2. I give away the clothes that are still in really good shape to friends that have kids smaller than my own (there aren’t many though), and donate the rest. The majority of clothes my kids have are hand-me-downs as it is (read *well loved*) so they wouldn’t sell on ebay or anything by the time we are done with them, especially the boys clothes!

  3. It’s so great to “meet” you here. What a great concept for your site. And thank you so much for the feedback on mine. Have a great day…

  4. Hi Sara,

    I sold on Ebay about 10 years ago. I had more time and energy back then. I had loads of fun and found some great things to sell. I wish you all the best.


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