August 5, 2014

The Back To School TED Talk Everyone Should Watch


Paper Towel TED Talk

In May, 2014 my friend Stephanie Quilao (famously known as @SkinnyJeans on Twitter) was doing a daily TED Talk challenge. One of the TED Talks she posted was about using paper towels. Compared to many of the inspiring and riveting talks, how could a less than 5-minute talk be so captivating?

Part of the draw is that it’s under 5 minutes. We all have 5 minutes, right? It’s not too long for kids to watch and pay attention. Even young kids could pay attention. paper towel ted talk

Another thing about this talk is that it’s a universal experience. We all wash our hands and need to dry them with a paper towel, especially in public restrooms. And if you’re like me, it drives you crazy when the kids grab 23 paper towels. I think of all that wasted paper towel. I bet you do too. paper towel ted talk

I’ve watched this video dozens of times. I’ve shared it even more. It’s really that good. Actually, I’m sending it to many of my friends who are teachers so they can share it with their students because they get tired of asking parents for more paper towels because the kids go through them so fast. paper towel ted talk

Your mind will be blown! Seriously, it will forever change how you dry your hands. And I guarantee it works no matter the size of the paper towel. BabyGirl thought I was crazy when I insisted she try the technique Joe Smith advocates. But now she knows it works. And she knows she’s helping to save the environment, too.

So take 5 minutes to watch this TED Talk. Your life will never be the same and teachers (and school custodians) everywhere will thank you.

OK, so, what do you think? Totally mind-blowing, huh? Now, go try it out and share this with others you know will appreciate it!



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