April 29, 2010

Random Act of Kindess Challenge: Day 29 – Kindness Has No End


Welcome to Day 29 of the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. I’m thrilled at the number of people who have decided to join me and Valerie in our goal to find small but meaningful ways to spread kindness. If you haven’t already grabbed our button, there is still one full day left in the month so please let everyone know you’re doing your part to make each day as nice as can be not just for you but for others as well. Also, use it as a reminder to yourself and your readers do something nice each day.

How quickly this month has gone by. I remember chatting with Valerie at the beginning of the month, and frantically trying to figure out how to get the button done. Thanks to Honey, it was done quickly and expertly! And we were off and running. Encouraging others to do one kind act for someone each day. Reminding ourselves to do the same.
I have to say it has been a wonderful experience. I will continue to do this to the best of my ability for as long as others will allow me to do something nice for them.

During these past 29 days I have made an extra effort to visit new blog and leave comments. I have made sure to tell those bloggers that I read daily how much I appreciate their efforts. I have held open doors and have let people go ahead of me. I have smiled when I didn’t feel like it, and I even returned a phone call to a woman who had dialed the wrong number looking for her cousin to share some good news.

I have to say that I don’t feel like I have done anything spectacular on any one day. However, I do see that my purposefulness in making an effort each and every day to be kind has made an impact on others.  For sure, it has made an impact on me.  Maybe I’m just noticing the kind acts others are doing. Or maybe my kindness is being reflected to me. Whatever it is, I like it! I like that kindness and niceness are still prized and cherished. I appreciate that others see the value in doing something nice for another without expectation of something in return.

On this penultimate day of the Random Act of Kindness Challenge, I thank YOU for every act you have taken to better your and someone else’s day.

I leave you with this. Kindness has no boundaries, nor does it have an end. Just because we’re ending April soon does not mean you can’t continue with your newfound daily kindness habit. Imagine all the joy you’d be missing out on if you stopped!



Honey April 29, 2010 at 11:09 pm

Hi Sara,

This month has gone by really fast. Thank you so much for the kind mention of me. I had fun working with you on your button.

It sounds like you had a busy month being KIND.


Sara April 30, 2010 at 1:54 am

Honey, I’m so glad we met under such ‘kind’ circumstances. Thank you for making my beautiful blog button for the Random Act of Kindness Challenge. I really appreciated you doing it, and so quickly too! I did have a busy month, but I learned a lot about the power of good.

Thank you for helping make the Challenge extra special!

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