April 13, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge – Day 13: Declutter and Support Local Charities


Welcome to Day 12 of the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. I’m thrilled at the number of people who have decided to join me and Valerie in our goal to find small but meaningful ways to spread kindness. If you haven’t already grabbed our button, please do so and let everyone know you’re doing your part to make each day as nice as can be not just for you but for others as well.

While perusing the interwebs today, I came across a university hosting a formal kindness week. West Virginia University sponsored Random Acts of Kindness Week back in February. The university reported having tremendous success with their various programs. One of the Acts of Kindness was collecting DVDs and donating them to the local Children’s Hospital.

I know we all have DVDs that we don’t watch and haven’t for quite some time. Many of us have kid programs that our children outgrew years ago. Now might be the best time to gather up these unused DVDs and donate them to a local charity. It could be your local children’s hospital or woman’s shelter. There are numerous possibilities for your DVDs to be enjoyed once again.

Since Tax Day is this Thursday, get a head start on next year’s taxes and declutter you DVDs today and get your tax deduction today by showing spreading kindness by donating to your local charity.

Is there a specific charity you support? How will you give new life to your old DVDs?



Angelica April 13, 2010 at 6:33 am

I wish I had some to donate but my dd has not outgrown any just yet lol! Wait a minute this is my chance to get rid of Barney, ok-now I am considering this! Go AZ!

Sara April 13, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Angelica, thank you for stopping by. You’re absolutely right! The Barney has to go. Fast!

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