April 8, 2010

RAOK Challenge – Day 8: Fighting Hunger with Coupons


Welcome to Day 8 of the Random Act of Kindness Challenge. I’m thrilled at the number of people who have decided to join me and Valerie in our goal to find small but meaningful ways to spread kindness. If you haven’t already grabbed our button, please do so and let everyone know you’re doing your part to make each day as nice as can be not just for you but for others as well.

Yesterday I was on Twitter and saw a tweet by @wahsleuth about a program she was proposing. It’s called Feed a Family for Five and Tamona is calling on her readers to help out others. What a wonderful idea! Just as Tamona, I post weekly grocery and drug store deals. Every week there are always several items that can be had for FREE after sale and coupon. These are perfect items to get and share with other, especially if you would normally just skip over that item because your family does not eat it.

Right now we, as a community, are experiencing daily challenges. For some, though, their daily challenge is putting food on the table for themselves and their family. For kids, especially, breakfast is crucial for success in school. In the evening, for many, it is equally important that they sit together as a family and eat together and share their experiences of the day.

I commend Tamona on this social action program. I join her in her fight to end hunger. No child should go to bed hungry. Ever! I know from personal experience that being hungry is something no child in this country should ever have to know.

I urge you to check out the weekly deals for your local stores and if you have an extra $5 (before coupon, even), consider sharing your weekly budget with another family. Here are the deals for Albertsons (SW), Fry’s, Safeway and Sprouts. If you need the deals for your local store, you can likely find them at my friends Madame Deals and Inexpensively.

One Month. One Act. Every Day!


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