December 24, 2012

Reflection and Action


With Hanukkah and BabyGirl’s 10th birthday celebration and party now over and getting farther away in the rear view, I’ve noticed I’m spending more time reflecting. Not living in the past, just looking back. Trying not to live the cliché of “they grow up so fast”.

BabyGirl’s so tall, she’s poised, she has her own likes, dislikes and preferences. I know she didn’t just wake up with these, that they’ve developed over time. But it seems as if one day it all just came together. I’m certain I’m not the first to notice that 10 is not only t the “double digits” milestone, but it also marks a turning point in establishing who you are.

She’s my only child, always will be. I’m sure it’s tough sometimes not having a sibling. But there are also benefits to being an only.

With this blog, I’m fast approaching my 3rd anniversary. I’ve been blogging here for nearly 3 years and, like watching a child grow, there have been moments of great pride and joy. Looking back to when I put up my first website in 1997, so much has changed in 15 years. Time marches on.

Reflection is good. Looking back to realize how far we’ve come is one way we are reminded that we have, indeed, changed. Maybe it’s not as far as we hoped. Then again, we may be surpassed our goal destination.

There are many people who suggest we never look back. That, like Lot’s wife in Genesis, looking back is a bad thing. Or that looking back is dwelling on the past, which can’t be changed.

I’m more of the belief that reflecting on the past allows us to see the beauty of the forest, the big picture, when for so long all there I had were tree trunks. True, it’s important to live each day fully. It’s important not to be stuck in the past. And, sadly, I know people who are stuck there. For quite awhile I was too. Wanting to either transport myself to something beautiful, magical and fastastical or keep going back to a time that was better.

We look at the past and often think it was so much better. It may have had its moments. Surely, there are times I look back on and am overfilled with joy. For me, though, with reflection comes a need for action. It’s up to me to do something to make each day worthy of putting behind me. Whether it’s because I’ve survived the challenges of that day without a complete breakdown or because it was so wonderful I never want it to end, each day is part of my story. And like any good story, there are twists and turns, good and back, and the many other dichotomies of life.

The best part of reflecting is understanding that I have the ability to either change or replicate those experiences. Knowing I have that ability is empowering and give me the strength to make each day worthy of creating a Year of Awesome.

It’s important to look back and enjoy the memories. It’s important to reflect and figure out how to do things better, different, or not at all. On December 21st the world did not end. And while it seems, sometimes, that our world is crumbling down around us our belief that our world will not end is, ultimately, all we need.

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You’ve got to find the treasure, so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense.” ~

The Alchemist by Paul Coelho



Christi @ Love From The Oven December 26, 2012 at 7:19 pm

Great post, and I can not get over how completely adorable she was as a baby! So darn sweet.

Sara December 29, 2012 at 10:07 am


Thank you for visiting and commenting. Appreciate your kindness and support. ~ Sara

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