June 27, 2012

Safeway’s Just 4 U Savings Center



Safeway Just4U

Each week I bring you the best deals Safeway offers to the public. Now, there’s a way that you can probably save even more! Safeway has launched the Just for U program for both online and mobile access to coupons, personalized savings and much more.

Signing up for Safeway’s new Just for U program is FREE and as an added bonus you’ll get a personalized digital deal for a FREE dozen eggs just for signing up! On the big launch day I spend a good portion of my day at the Safeway headquarters here in Phoenix and then putting the new mobile app to the test in-store.

Here’s the low down for you.

1. You’ll always get the best deal when comparing digital coupons to paper coupons you have. Unlike other stores that take off your digital savings and leave you holding a better deal with a paper coupon, Safeway recognized how frustrating this is and will now back out your digital coupon (reloading it to your Club Card) and take your paper coupon, giving you the greater savings.

2. The Coupon Center is the home to all the digital coupons you can load to your Club Card. They change often so you’ll want to go in on a regular basis and add those coupons for products you buy.

3. Personalized Deals are truly Just for U! These are lower prices offered to YOU only for products you buy or for like products that you may be interested in purchasing. Safeway gets this information based on your purchase history tied to your card. If you are letting others share your Club Card, you’ll want to reconsider since it’s possible they’ll be able to take advantage of the one-time deals you’re hoping to use. In addition, points collected for gas rewards may be used by anyone you share your Club Card with.

4. Your Club Specials are current prices for products you’ve purchased and will likely purchase. These may not be listed in the weekly ad, as that is limited to a few hundred items where there are often several thousand items on sale. By scanning your Club Card, Safeway knows what you buy and wants you to know the prices so you can save the most.

Safeway Mobile App

5. Mobile App for convenience. Optimized for iPhone and Android, the Safeway App takes your information with you on the go. Create shopping lists, see what’s on sale, check your coupons, and much more. No longer is your information locked away back home! Make shopping lists, load digital coupons to your Club Card, check to see if you have a “personalized” price for something you’re thinking about buying – all from your smartphone, while you’re in the store! You can even view the weekly ad right on your phone. And what’s even better is that based on feedback they’re getting, Safeway will be adding more functionality to the mobile app as the weeks and months progress. These include functionality with pictures, bar code scanning, running totals for lists and search functions. But for now, grab your phone and take it in-store and use their FREE Wi-Fi just by entering your phone number associated with your Club Card.

6. Easy Sign Up!  Visit the Just for U tab on the Safeway website. Click register and enter the phone number attached to your Club Card or your Club Card number. Select an email address and password for your Just for U account. If you’ve used the Safeway Home Delivery program your email may already be in their system.

7. Use Coupons For Home Delivery – This has always been one of my peeves about home delivery. While I appreciate the convenience, I gave up some savings. No more! Now that I can load digital coupons to my Club Card and take advantage of Personalized Savings I can add that to the convenience of home delivery.

I hope you sign up and start saving a little more. I asked about privacy because that’s a lot of information they’re tracking. I was told that Safeway DOES NOT and WILL NOT sell our information. They do evaluate the information from their Club Card users to help negotiate better deals but our private information is not shared on an individual basis.

Disclosure: I attended a Safeway VIP Blogger event and was provided with lunch, samples of products and a gift card to shop in store during the event.


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