San Diego – For Business and Pleasure

This coming week I’m heading to San Diego for the BlogHer Conference where I will be speaking. As you also know, I’m part of a group of blogging friends hosting an event to pay it forward to other bloggers and help them meet brands.

I’ve been to San Diego quite a few times and have always enjoyed my time there. On this trip I won’t be visiting many attractions. However, I will get the opportunity to learn about San Diego. One of the sponsors of Social Soiree is the San Diego Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. As the official point of contact for people wanting to visit San Diego, the San Diego CVB has established relationships with businesses that will help you have a wonderful visit. Whether you’re looking for a hotel, restaurant, transportation, family-friendly attraction, romantic dining or free events, the San Diego Convention and Visitor’s Bureau should be your first stop.

Even if you just want to do some arm-chair traveling their site is full of information and beautiful photos. San Diego is beautiful all year ’round, too, if you’re thinking you might need to escape the heat or the cold.

The San Diego CVB reached out to me to be a sponsor for the Social Soiree event I’m hosting with a few friends. I look forward to learning more about how they can help with travel planning. I love their ‘Happy Happens’ phrase too. Because I remember being in San Diego with BabyGirl when she as just a few months old and that feeling of ‘Happy Happens’.

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. While these companies are supporting Social Soiree and will be providing something for the attendee gift bags, (of which I will get one b/c I am attending), all opinions are my own and have not been moderated by a third party.


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  1. OMG I love that picture of my Babygirl! It was at dinner and she was so curious and purposeful then…Always have a soft spot in SD for this vacation and our beautiful beach Photos of her at 4! ‘Happy Happens’ whenever we are there!

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