September 13, 2010

Savvy Savings & Scholarships – 10 City Launch!


Today is the BIG DAY! Savvy Source launches nationwide in 10 cities. (Note: Phoenix and other cities are coming soon!) Savvy Source is a unique way to save AND give back to your local community at the same time. Also, you can share the deals with your friends and earn when they get in on the deals you share with them. All the while, we’re not paying full retail and we’re doing good for our community. Sign up and start saving today!

The Savings: Each week, we offer parents a significant savings on a fun, family-friendly activity selected by our Savvy Source editors. Once enough people have signed up to purchase, the Savings and Scholarships offer becomes active.

The Scholarship: Beyond giving parents in our communities a great deal on a fun activity, we donate 5% of each purchase to a preschool of the purchaser’s choice. We also donate 5% of each purchase to a scholarship fund created to help parents afford preschool for their children.

This Week’s Deals: Click on your city to take advantage of these great deals.  If you’re planning on traveling to one of the other cities, consider taking advantage of these savings. Or, maybe a gift?

This week’s Savvy Savings and Scholarships Offers

Head over to Savvy Source and sign up now to take advantage of these great deals. If your city is not listed, sign up and be one of the first to know so you can share these deals with your friends.


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