September 9, 2011

School Fundraisers: Love ’em or Hate ’em?


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OK, so maybe love and hate are too strong when it comes to talking about school fundraisers. I remember them growing up and how much fun it was going door to door in my grandparent’s neighborhood and all the families being so supportive. As an adult without kids, CycleGuy and I tried to support our friends’ kids and buy stuff. We figured it was for a good cause.

That was until we realized that of the $18.50 we’re paying for cheap wrapping paper, the school only gets $2. Or something small like that. Really? I realize there is a product cost and then the fundraising company needs to make a buck (or eight). But these kids beg and plead and the parents, grandparents and friends want to be supportive, for what? For things they don’t really want and a tiny donation to the school?

I know some schools have really fantastic fundraisers, with products or services people want to buy. The Entertainment Books, while they can be found online for less, are actually useful to most people who buy them. You can recoup your investing by just using a few of the coupons. But do the kids really do the fundraising or is it mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparents asking around?

I guess that’s really my issue with these. I feel like I’m the one doing the fundraising (yes, we even do them for religious school!). Kids don’t go door to door any more. And with email and Facebook, we can ask friends so easily. Some of these fundraising places have gotten smart and have online portals for ordering so people don’t have to be local to support the kids.

So, tell me, what’s your take on school fundraisers?

Even better, why not come over to the Horizon Dairy Back To School community and share your thoughts on all kinds of school related topics. Whether it’s homework, lunch ideas, volunteer demands, family dinners or home organization there are thousands of wonderful women waiting for you to join the conversation.

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