August 15, 2011

School Party Live Chat 8/17


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Remember when you were a kid and how much you anticipated those school parties? Back when I was in elementary and junior high, my mom was a single working mom but she was involved in helping to make food or snacks for the school parties. Things are different now with food allergies and school rules as to what you can and can’t do or bring in. But we all want our kids to have fun events and it’s a great way to be involved without hovering.

This Wednesday (8/17) at 9pm EDT (6pm PDT) I’m teaming up with Cheryl for a Live Chat in the Horizon Back To School Community.  Cheryl blogs at Tidy Mom about pretty much everything from photography (you should see her food photos!), raising kids (she’s done a lot of the ‘been there, done that’), DIY and projects as well as food (delicious food!).

Join us in The Horizon Dairy community on The BlogFrog to meet and chat with other parents looking for insight and tips about school or classroom parties. We’ll talk about food (of course), but whether you’re a veteran school-party mom (or dad) or this will be your first year we’d love to know what you think.

If have not yet joined the BlogFrog community, please do. There are thousands of people sharing on topics ranging entertainment, crafts, health, photography and so much more. If you’re interested in it, so are others!

So, mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 17th at 9pm EDT to join Cheryl and me for the School Party live chat.

Disclosure: As a Community Leader I am compensated for my time. My views are not edited. All opinions are my own. That being said, yes, we do enjoy Horizon Organic products. I buy them (using coupons, of course!)


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