February 14, 2011

Six Items Free From Vistaprint


Six Free Items from Vistaprint

Start planning now for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or even Christmas or Hanukkah! These even make great little rewards for the kids too! Get a jump start on your gift stash by heading over to Vistaprint and checking out these six great items you can get for free!

You can get a photo calendar, photobook, tshirt, mug, mousepad and photo magnet all fo free, just pay shipping and handling. Last time I did this, the shipping/handling was about $10 for the slowest (21 day) shipping option. The standard (14 day) shipping option was about $15. But by planning ahead I went for the slow shipping and even then everything arrived in about 2 weeks.

So for about $10 I go some great gifts. The mug I got was for BabyGirl for a special one she could leave in San Francisco so it would always feel like home. I got magnets for a few family and friends and the mousepad was for BabyGirl. I gave my grandma the calendar and photo book, and for a small cost the return was huge! I don’t think grandma’s can ever get enough pictures!

It will take you awhile to upload all the images you’ll want, and make sure you read all the details about the upgrades and additional costs for adding more photos, etc. Even for a few extras, $20 would be a great deal.

Get six free items from Vistaprint now!


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Mike Brands February 14, 2011 at 5:45 pm

Thanks for sharing such an incredible deal!!

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