August 24, 2010

Slow but steady always wins the race


I’ve gone through life at a very frenetic pace. Always somewhere to go or something to do. I’ve often become frustrated at how slow time goes by or how long it takes me to do something. But, ultimately, regardless of what I want to do time moves at it’s own pace. It doesn’t care about my plans or my goals. Time never worries that it’s going by too fast for me or even too slow for that matter.

I’ve been be-boppin’ along trying to do everything on my list, often accomplishing nothing because I’m paralyzed by time. The abstract frame of reference for a beginning and an end. Do I allow myself 2 hours or 20 minutes? It doesn’t ever seem to matter though because it’s never enough time. And so I sit and fret or instead work at such a crazy pace that I won’t stop until it is all done. Every. Last. Thing.

It’s often me setting these arbitrary time constraints. Why, I’m not sure. Well, OK, I do know. My personality is such that I need this order and structure and focus. I’m the typical stress-out, rushed Type-A. And from what my family says, I was born this way. But I hate it. I hate that I get stressed out because I can’t meet my arbitrarily set deadline. It’s artificially imposed but my anxiety goes through the roof if I don’t meet the deadline.

I need to practice more of what I preach. I’m trying to teach about saving money to achieve your dreams and I know that slow and steady is the key. It’s the key to many aspects of personal happiness. I’ve never met anyone who has woken up and overnight has saved thousands of dollars. I don’t have lottery winner or stock market guru friends. Instead, I know everyday people who want to figure out how to go on a vacation, buy a special gift and a host of other things.

Do as I say not as I do. That’s not a very good way to get a message across. As I work on saving for all the somedays I have, I do take the slow but steady approach. By figuring out the end cost and dividing it by a reasonable amount I can figure out how much I need to save weekly – or daily for that matter.

So why do I set these unrealistic and crazy goals for the other things in my life? Well, old habits die hard. But I’m re-learning. Not only so I can have the best life I can create but also so I don’t pass on these quirks to BabyGirl. She doesn’t need the stress.

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Kim Piter August 24, 2010 at 7:10 am

Dear Sara…Half the battle is recognizing the problem in the first place so you’re half way there already!! It’s really about taking one day at a time and sometimes it’s a moment at a time. Give yourself time to BREATH through the moments that seem so overwhelming. Stimulate yourself through positive motions, such as music or look at pictures that bring you joy. When these suggestions don’t work for me, I tell myself I have 15 minutes to be overwhelmed then I must get on with it. It’s not easy but it helps me to know that everyone else has similar problems and they do it so I know with determination and will power I can to.

Honey August 24, 2010 at 11:08 am

Hi Sara,

What a great post. I always feel like I am living at break neck speed. Why does life have to be in such a hurry? Well, I guess the truth is, it doesn’t. I need to learn to slow down and relax a little and maybe enjoy a bit of life along the way. Thank you for this great reminded. I always love reading here because you have such a great way of getting straight to the heart of the issues that you cover.


Carrie August 24, 2010 at 1:39 pm

i’ve got everything on my calendar (a few years ago i teased my sister for putting sleeping on her calendar but then i realized it was actually a good idea).

i find it helps me to put things that are actually important to be done at a certain time like appointments in a dark color and things that are flexible like dinner, showering, grocery shopping, blogging, painting my nails, and reading (yes those are all repeating events on my calendar) in a light color so i feel less obligated to do them at a certain time and can treat them more as a recurring to do list.

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