February 27, 2010

Someday #174: Meet My New Blender



Meet the newest member of my family  – The Blendtec 5000!

Ok, it’s not really called that.  But it sounds so much better than the Blendtec TB-621-20.  For over 10 years I’ve wanted a commercial-style blender.  My Someday #174 — Someday I’m going to have a commercial-style blender! I’ve seen them demonstrated at my local warehouse store and every time I’m mesmerized by all that the blender can do – it makes ice cream, soup, smoothies, washes the dishes and folds the laundry.  Well, not the last two but if it were an infomercial on late night TV I’m sure they would have some crazy stuff in there and I would have been suckered in to buying one long ago.

And for over 10 years I’ve watched as these road shows have come and gone from my town.  I’ve eaten enough tortilla soup and ice cream from tiny cups that by now I’m sure I’ve had a few good meals.  Every time I see one of these I tell CycleGuy and quietly sigh because, once again, I don’t have one.  It’s hard to justify spending nearly $400.

See, I’ve had a perfectly good blender for almost 16 years!  Yes, 16 years, I say.  They don’t make ’em like they  used to though.  And while I loved my Kitchen Aid blender with the glass pitcher, it just didn’t have all the fancy-schmancyness of one of these commercial-style blenders.  It also didn’t have the price tag.  I got my Kitchen Aid blender as a wedding gift and it has been well used and loved.  That was until a few weeks ago.

Just like that, mid smoothie, my teenager Kitchen Aid blender gave up.  No warning, no smoke, no loud sounds.  It just stopped.  CycleGuy was doing his best to ‘fix it’, but there appeared to be no hope.  He washed it up, put it away and hoped that if left alone to sulk it would be all better next time.  Except it wasn’t.

Here was my chance!  I could go get my commercial-style blender.  I was heading out of town so I decided to wait.  After all, this is my Someday.  I had to wait though because the warehouse stores don’t carry them regularly.  You have to buy them when the road show is in town.

I head off to my conference in Nashville and get to visit my friend, Janet.  And what did she have on her countertop?  Yes!  A commercial-style blender – The Blendtec!  I was in love.  She made me a smoothie, showed me how easy it was to clean, told me about making soup and how much fun it was and how it has brought her hubby into the kitchen with her making it even better.  I was sold, and Janet hopped on the computer and found that my local warehouse store would have them shortly after I got home.

Fast forward two weeks — Last weekend I ventured across town because I couldn’t wait any longer for them to come to the store closest to me.  Nearly an hour later I was listening to the spiel and enjoying my smoothie and tortilla soup samples.  I was already sold, but I watched the entire demonstration and at the end asked politely for my new Blendtec blender, in black.  I stocked my cart with fruit and, to the shock of CycleGuy, a 45-pound canister of whole wheat just so I can grind it fresh in my new fancy-schmancy blender!  Yes, I bought enough wheat to last me until BabyGirl finishes graduate school.

Did I mention these things aren’t cheap?  They’re nearly $400!  Yikes!  But it comes with a 7-year guarantee.  And it does all kinds of things a regular blender can’t do.  I haven’t mentioned yet that it can make dough, have I?  Sure can!  See why I bought 45-pound of wheat?

Before deciding to buy this I did a lot of research.  Good quality household blenders are going for about $150 these days.  I had my Kitchen Aid for 16 years so I figured I’d look at those again.  Lot’s changed in 16 years, but the regular blenders still only have a one year warranty and they can’t do all the things I want them to do.  I sound like I’m trying to justify this, don’t I?  Kinda.  Nonetheless, this Blendtec blender is automated and so easy to use.  It’s run by pre-programmed cycles so I don’t have to remember to turn it on high or low or how long to let it run.  No risk in making Tortilla ice cream because I lost track of how long to blend my soup.  And by using more whole fruits and veggies – seeds and all – I’m getting more fiber and nutrients without losing any of the yumminess.  The blender is a bit loud, but probably no more than my prior Kitchen Aid.

If I was going to spend $150 I want some guarantee that my new blender will be around awhile.  I also want my family to use it often.  But they’re bulky and heavy.  The good ones are anyway.  And the sharp blades always scare me.

Armed with my Costco cash I had been saving for several years I was in a good position to buy my new blender without much of a hit to  the wallet.  I’ve been wanting one of these type of blenders for so long that I’ve been saving a little at a time.  In the past three years I had saved nearly $200!  Instead of spending my annual Costco rebate on something random, I saved it just for this blender.  Now that I needed a new blender, and a decent one would cost me $150, I didn’t have to come up with too much more money to get my dream blender.

I’m so excited that I am able to cross this off my Someday list. I saved for my new blender.  I planned for it.  When it came time to buy I paid cash and got my nearly $400 blender for a little over $200 out of pocket.  That’s slightly more for my new awesome, fancy, super-duper, commercial-grade Blendtec blender with a 7-year warranty than what I’d pay for a household-grade, high quality, name brand blender with a 1-year warranty.  I think I did good.  And I have Janet to thank!

I’ve had my new blender for less than a week and have already used it 12 times (it has a display telling me this)!  Smoothie, anyone?  For lunch I’m making soup!

Disclosure:  I paid for this Blendtec blender.  I did not receive it free or at a discount.  My Costco cash was earned based on my membership and was not given to me in exchange for anything.  This is my opinion!  Now, if Blendtec wants to give me a free blender, I’m open to that.  I’d still say the same things about how much I love it!


Allissa Emslie March 3, 2010 at 5:45 pm

It tells you how many times you’ve used it—AWESOME! I’m still drooling over that cool juicer of yours…I told my husband that I reluctantly tried an apple/pear/carrot/cucumber mix, thinking it would be horrible from the carrot (he was shocked that I would even try something so healthy hahaha), and then I told him I LOVED it loved it : )

Sara March 3, 2010 at 11:06 pm

I’m not only glad you liked it but I’m so blessed by the fact that you were here in my home to try it. I’m glad you tried it and liked it – veggies are so good for you and when you can down about 5 servings in a matter of a few minutes it’s a total time saver!

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