August 2, 2011

Something I Like – Shout Wipes and Color Catchers


Years ago I discovered Shout Color Catchers. I was so excited! I know, who really gets excited about laundry products. However, when CycleGuy first started as a marketer he was in the laundry care group at a major company. And he knows laundry!

When the good people at Shout said they’d sponsor Social Soiree I was so excited. Way more excited than I really should have been. But I really do love their products. Those shout wipes are awesome! I discovered them shortly after BabyGirl was born.

I like that there are stain solutions for both at home and on the go. I usually carry a pack of Shout Wipe with me, just incase. And when we travel and I know we’ll be doing laundry you bet I pack a few color catchers.

So next time you’re at the store, grab a pack of Shout Wipes and some Color Catchers. You’ll be glad you did!


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