January 17, 2010

Starbucks: $1 Off Coupon In Today’s Paper (1/17)



$1 coupon valid 1/17 – 3/8/10

STOP!  Don’t throw out that newspaper yet.  In today’s paper there is a 2-page folded flyer from Starbucks.  Inside is a small paper ‘gift card’ looking coupon for $1 off, EVERY DAY, on Starbucks perfect oatmeal and new hot paninis.

The card is valid EVERY DAY (so don’t throw it away after one use) from now (1/17) until March 8th.

Also, if you have a Starbucks Card, don’t forget to register it at My Starbucks Rewards and earn stars for future rewards such as free syrups or free drinks.

Register your card and you will automatically get a free birthday beverage and free Wi-Fi (up to 2 hours a day).


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