Back To School Tech Tips To Keep Parents Sane and Kids Safe

Back To School Tech Tips

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It’s back to school season and for many it means new tech and upgrades to existing tech, and not just for the kids. Parents are often introduced to new technology to help kids with homework, communicate with the school, or just stay connected in an increasingly connected world. Kids may be experiencing new technology at school, switching phones, or trying out different accessories. Whatever it is, back to school marks a time for transition.

Whether it’s the same routine or something new, when it comes to going online more and more young people are connecting through smartphones or tablets. This makes learning possible everywhere. That’s good. But with the good comes the bad. And that’s where it’s important to re-evaluate how you approach internet security. So, here are a few back to school tech tips for keeping your family in tip-top shape.

Back To School Tech Tips To Keep Parents Sane and Kids Safe

  1. Keep it charged – Many kids are given tablets at school and are responsible for bringing them to school every day fully charged. In addition to having a designated charging station at home, think about having a portable battery to help keep them connected throughout the day. Especially important with older kids, having an external battery will help them do their work without having to be tethered to a wall. Or, having to deal with running out of power just as they’re in the zone. You may even want to invest in a car charger just incase they realize on the way to school they don’t have much power.
  2. Protect the screen – whether it’s with a case or a separate screen protector, don’t leave the screen exposed. Tiny dirt and dust particles can scratch the screen, making it difficult to use over time. Many people worry about cracking the screen. And while that’s a real concern, the fact is a scratched screen is annoying and may impacts the quality of what you see on the screen.
  3. Individualize it with a case – Sure a case can protect the device, but why not sell it as a way to personalize their device. With so many kids having the same type of device it’s easy to get them mixed up. With smartphones there are so many case options and most of us show our personality through our cases and covers. For tablets, especially those issued by the school, if permitted, find a case your child likes to help them take a little more responsibility for their device. Not only does it protect the device, which many parents may not realize they are responsible for, but a cool case also gives the device some personality and helps differentiate it from the sea of black and silver tablets on a table.
  4. Talk about online safety – I know you’ve had the talk before. But just like having to remind your child to turn off the lights, not slam the car door, or take a shower (yes, every day!), talking to kids about online safety is an ongoing and continuous conversation. Kids may think they know everything about being online, but the fact is that many kids are vulnerable and need to be reminded that sometimes things aren’t as they seem. Making mistakes online in this day and age can have long-term and very serious consequences. Teens and tweens, especially, need to know that you’re ultimately responsible for what they do online.
  5. Don’t just talk, take action – As parents, we do a lot of talking. When it comes to online safety for our kids, though, we have to take action. Whether it’s checking their device daily, requiring an approved family member or friend to be friended on their social network, or adding parental controls to their devices, we can talk all we want but action is required. It’s not about not trusting our kids, it’s about not trusting the freaks out there. If you’ve never used IFTTT, or don’t use it for this purpose, here’s an easy way to keep on top of what’s going on. Check out these IFTTT recipes to help keep your kids safe online.
  6. Trust your gut – Too many times we second guess our gut when it comes to what our kids are doing online. This isn’t the time to worry about if our kids think we’re annoying (we are, we’re parents!), being the cool parent (we are the cool parents!), or respecting their privacy. If you’re not hovering over them 24/7, you’re likely giving your kids the privacy they’ve earned. Earned, that’s right. Privacy is not a right in the Kingdom of Mom and Dad. In Mom and Dad Ville, the right to search and seizure is without limits. In Momtopia, you may have the right to be silent but unreasonable search and seizure is a real possibility. Trust your parenting gut when it comes to the safety of your kids. You may need to tone down how you want to react, but if you get that feeling, don’t over-react, just act.

Back to school is filled with so many emotions. But those emotions don’t have to carry through the school year. With a keen eye and a kind heart, our amazing kids will make it through another year. And so will we!

What tips to do you to help keep everything in check during the school year?


7 Tips for Making Middle School Pick Up Less Stressful for Everyone

School Pick Up Line Tips

For most parents, when we talk about ‘back to school’ there’s a bit of melancholy in our voice. Having the kids home for the summer means lazy days, less rush, fun vacations, staycations. Lots of summer stuff making memories. But after all the “I’m bored!”, “There’s nothing to do.”, and “I’m hungry!” wails, there’s a small part of you that can’t wait for school to start. While I love having BabyGirl home for the summer, I know she misses her friends. And being an only child means hanging out with adults, which isn’t always that fun. So while there’s an excitement in the air about back to school, as a parent there’s one thing I dread – school pick-up.

I share after-school pick-up duties with a friend, which is great. It gives both of us a chance to have an extra hour to cross things off our daily to-do list. We did the carpool program for two years in elementary school and it went rather well. There were a few parents who didn’t think the rules applied to them, but for the most part, elementary school pickup was met with order. For those times someone would double-park, cross between cars, or leave their car unattended the school was quick to give notice and nip the issue in the bud. And while I was at just one of the several elementary schools that feed in to the current middle school BabyGirl attends, I thought the other elementary school pick-up lines were the same. But I was wrong.

Based on the first two weeks of school, either some of the parents completely forgot how after-school pick-up works or they think the rules don’t apply to them. Seriously, how hard is it to follow a few basic rules? What happened to all those things we taught (er, teach?) our kids? Like, wait your turn, be patient, be courteous, watch what you’re doing …

Adults behind the wheel of a car are much more dangerous than the little mistakes our kids make when they don’t follow basic rules of courtesy. So I thought now is the perfect time for a few reminders to those who will be picking up kids after school. And while this is more specifically written for middle school (junior high?) pick up since this is what I’m dealing with now, it’s likely just as applicable for high school and elementary pick up.

7 Tips for Making Middle School Pick Up Less Stressful for Everyone

  1. If you don’t want to wait in a long line, get there early. Just like going to the movies, if you get there late you don’t get to cut the line just because you’re in a hurry. We all have places to go. And cutting in line isn’t just being a jerk, it’s dangerous because cars leaving the line aren’t expecting you to be cutting.
  2. Keep moving up as the line moves. This is how lines work. When people in front of you move, you move too. Think about how it works when you’re in line at the store. It’s the same thing. This is not the time to camp out in one spot like you’re at a General Admission concert. The kids will find the car. They’re in middle school. Finding the right car at the end of the day isn’t all that hard for the average middle schooler.
  3. Don’t be a double parking douche. Your precious unique flower child can wait just like everyone else. Having kids walk between moving cars is dangerous. You should know this.
  4. If your child is slow or needs help getting in the vehicle, find a parking space. It’s safer for you, your child, and the rest of us.
  5. Don’t get out of your car. I repeat, do not get out of your car. The pick up line is not the place for this. It slows down the line, and puts you and others at risk.
  6. Kids should only get in the vehicle on the curb side. This should go without saying. If your child has to get in the car on the street side, find another place to safely pick up your child. Think about how many times you have to tell your child to pay attention. Add moving cars and it’s a recipe for disaster.
  7. Drive slowly around the school. Those School Zone signs are not a suggestion. And just because your school may have them only in certain areas, slow down all around the school. Kids who walk home aren’t often paying attention. Parents getting out of the pickup line may have their view blocked by some ignoramus double parked behind them. There are so many things going on around schools, please, just slow down.

Parents have enough stress, school pick-up shouldn’t add to it. No one wants to deal with a child getting hurt because adults weren’t paying attention or were in a rush. And in the grand scheme of the day, a few minutes of patience and courtesy can go a long way. Getting into an accident, hitting a child with your car, or being stopped by the police because you were in a hurry at school pick-up will delay you much longer.

Be safe out there! Our kids learn from us. We need to be good role models. Because they’ll be driving soon and we can’t expect them to follow the rules and be safe if you’re not willing to do the same.

Edited: Shortly after this post was created my friend Jenny from Jenny on the Spot created this PSA. Enjoy!

Stay safe and have a great school year!


The Photo That Captured Summer

Samsung GS4 Winning Photo

Summer is officially over as BabyGirl heads back to school today. As I looked back through the multiple hundreds of photos from the summer, I kept going back to this one.

Taken at the end of July in Venice Beach, it sums up the feeling of this time. We’re happy to have had summer and all its adventures, but there’s something special about school, too – the friends, the structure, the groups, the playground. BabyGirl just loves learning. Which is probably why I’ve never given up homeschooling even though she goes to school.

But summer means a little time at the beach. And while I did bring my dSLR and captured many great photos, it’s this photo that speaks to me. Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4, it wasn’t as planned as it may look. I was trying to get the sunset (so I can share it on Instagram, of course) and BabyGirl had been playing in the waves. She watched as the water retreated then turned around and jumped up with an “I’m flying!”

And so it goes. If I had planned it I never would get this shot. The best part is that I was actually watching her, not experiencing it through a lens.

If you went through all your photos this summer, would you have one that captured the summer?

Disclosure: Verizon Wireless provided me with a Samsung Galaxy S4. This is not a sponsored post and no compensation was provided for this post. This post reflects my views and opinions and was not reviewed or edited by a third-party. I do, however, have a business relationship with Verizon Wireless and thus I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


Making The Most Out Of Kids Being At School

More like, WOO HOO! school’s back in session. Well, according to many of my mom friends. But with sending the kids back to school there are a lot of other things to deal with. And that’s where this great community comes in. Experienced and novice school moms have come together to offer support and advice on topics ranging from fun lunch, getting kids to do homework, volunteering in the classroom, organizing the house (now that the kids are gone a few hours), and so much more.

In addition, there are almost weekly live chat conversations to get information in real time. Like, on Monday (Sept. 19th) at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific) I’m co-hosting a live chat with Cheryl who blogs at Tidy Mom. We’ll be talking about holiday crafting and home made gifts. And with the holidays right around the corner now’s the time to start planning and getting ideas.


In October, the Horizon folks will be bringing in renown pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene to answer questions for community members.  It will be a live chat and is open to all members of the Horizon Healthy Families community. So if you’re not a member yet, think about signing up to take advantage of this great opportunity.

The other day I shared information about helping children learn to make healthy food choices. By commenting on that article you’re entered to win a $500 spa gift certificate. So yah, rush over and share! I know you have an opinion about kids and healthy eating. Go ahead, I’ll wait! I won’t even expect you to share your gift certificate if you win because I totally understand that you need some ‘me time’ too.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll that I tweet about the Horizon community. You can follow Horizon Dairy on Twitter as well as Like Horizon Dairy on Facebook. And you should follow The Blog Frog and Like them too because there are many other great opportunities to learn and share (and, of course, there are other things to win too!)

So come join Cheryl and me on Monday 9/19/11 for the live chat and stay tuned for all the other things going on in the Horizon Healthy Families community. There is also a BlogFrog sponsored Live Chat on Thursday 9/22 at 8pm EST which will be lively and you will get a chance to win an iPad2!

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Healthy and Adventurous Eating Starts Young

One of the few bits of parenting advice I actually listened to was not to play short-order cook to my daughter. This came from a friend who had, indeed, done just that for her son and it had become a source of contention for them as he grew up. She resented his asking for something different and was frustrated that he wouldn’t eat the healthier choices she was trying to move the family toward.

It wasn’t so much the advice that really stuck with me. It was her frustration and agitation. She wanted, so much, for her son to try new things and eat the healthier foods she was now making but he wouldn’t budge from his standards of mac-n-cheese from the box, processed chicken nuggets and soup from a can. My friend felt awful that this was her son’s teenage existence.

As BabyGirl was starting to eat solid food I steered clear of the packaged foods and made my own pureed fruits and vegetables. I researched cereals and grains and learned how to blenderize my own so I could control what exactly I was feeding my precious little girl.

When she was a toddler and more reliant on solid foods for her nutrition I, once again, turned to my expert friends to find out how to help instill a sense of adventure in the food I was serving. I had seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding and I loved that cultural foods were so central to Toula’s growing up. She hated that her different food made her stand out, but it was how her family would hold on to their culture.

No, maybe it wasn’t the healthiest of foods in that movie, but it really touched me. So many times I’ve seen, heard or read about kids eating the same basic processed foods and the struggle to transition to variety, natural and whole grain foods. I didn’t want that. So I set out a plan to expose my very young child to foods that were ‘outside the box’. This is what I did:

5 Ways To Instill Healthy and Adventurous Eating Habits in Young Kids

1. Involve Them – sounds simple, but it is often the key to a child eating something new. Rather than just put their food in front of them, have them help wash, chops, tear, or in some way help prepare their food. Studies have shown that kids are more apt to eat something when they know what’s in it or how it was prepared.

2. Remain Silent – if you don’t like a food and are vocal about it, chance are your child won’t like it either. Or, they may refuse to even taste it. We don’t often buy, serve, prepare or even order foods we don’t like. But if we want out kids to try new things we often need to put aside our own food prejudices and allow them to make their own decision.

3. Give Them Time – the adage of ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again’ is so important in getting young kids to try new things or transition from the mystery nuggets to the baked, all-white meat nuggets. Texture, taste, and smell all play a role in getting kids to like a food. Some days they just may be more finicky than others, so keep trying.

4. Hide The Food (if you must) – while I don’t advocate duping kids, sneaking in some kale in the fruit smoothy or zucchini in the pasta sauce isn’t a big deal. While the child is getting this healthier version of the food, they’re not really understanding what they’re eating and may not realize they even like a particular food. Yes, if they continue to balk at eating greens or fruits you may need to employ your best magical meal tricks. But if you can just share it openly, I think it’s better.

5. Take A Field Trip – one of BabyGirl’s favorite things was our weekly trips to the different markets around town. I’d pick a theme (she got involved as she got older) and we’d get some food within that theme and we’d try them and talk about them. We were very popular at our local specialty markets and got to try so many things I, myself, never would have tried or even ventured to make. We started out very simply with pears and apples – buying many different kinds and comparing their taste, texture, color, smell, size, and so on. It’s amazing how different one food can vary among the different varieties. We tried cheese and olives, fish, nuts and seed, and so many different fruits and vegetables. Some were excellent, others not so much. But we did it together in a fun and interactive way. Often we’d sit down at a table in the store after we purchased them so we could try them right away, like a picnic.

And just because mom likes something doesn’t mean the kids will like it. For BabyGirl, she took on CycleGuy’s love of vanilla and caramel and will pass up chocolate without a sense of loss. Me? What I’d give for a nice piece of dark chocolate! When it came to apples, she tried them but BabyGirl just doesn’t like them. She’s probably one of the few kids who can’t stand applesauce.

However, she loves so many foods many of her friends would never think to eat – brie, hummus, curry, shrimps, fish, and so much more. And she’s always willing to try new things because her adventure with food started early. More importantly, it was a fun time with mom and dad and gave her so much pride to share her new foods with friends and family.

As parents, we hold a great deal of power regarding the foods our kids eat. I’m not a big fan of forbidden foods unless there is a medical, religious or dietary reason. But we’re the ones preparing the food. We’re the teacher. If we educate our children early on about why we make the food choices we do, they’ll be less inclined to follow the masses to the sugar, fat and empty calorie shack. And even if they do, they’ll know how to make good choices.

Share how you get your kids to eat healthy food below for a chance to win a $500 Mom’s Getaway Spa Day from BlogFrog!

Want to exchange more healthy snacks ideas, money saving tips and back to school shopping advice with other moms? Visit the Horizon® Healthy Families Back to School Community!

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School Fundraisers: Love ’em or Hate ’em?

Dollar Sign Light Bulbimage credit: public domain


OK, so maybe love and hate are too strong when it comes to talking about school fundraisers. I remember them growing up and how much fun it was going door to door in my grandparent’s neighborhood and all the families being so supportive. As an adult without kids, CycleGuy and I tried to support our friends’ kids and buy stuff. We figured it was for a good cause.

That was until we realized that of the $18.50 we’re paying for cheap wrapping paper, the school only gets $2. Or something small like that. Really? I realize there is a product cost and then the fundraising company needs to make a buck (or eight). But these kids beg and plead and the parents, grandparents and friends want to be supportive, for what? For things they don’t really want and a tiny donation to the school?

I know some schools have really fantastic fundraisers, with products or services people want to buy. The Entertainment Books, while they can be found online for less, are actually useful to most people who buy them. You can recoup your investing by just using a few of the coupons. But do the kids really do the fundraising or is it mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparents asking around?

I guess that’s really my issue with these. I feel like I’m the one doing the fundraising (yes, we even do them for religious school!). Kids don’t go door to door any more. And with email and Facebook, we can ask friends so easily. Some of these fundraising places have gotten smart and have online portals for ordering so people don’t have to be local to support the kids.

So, tell me, what’s your take on school fundraisers?

Even better, why not come over to the Horizon Dairy Back To School community and share your thoughts on all kinds of school related topics. Whether it’s homework, lunch ideas, volunteer demands, family dinners or home organization there are thousands of wonderful women waiting for you to join the conversation.

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Enough Time Moms: Redefining Perfect


I grew up in the 80s – big hair and all! I went to college knowing I could do whatever I wanted. I was also bombarded with the message of being the perfect wife, mother, executive, daughter, sister, friend and so much more. I could bring home the bacon AND fry it up in the pan! Those were the messages of my younger days.

So it was surprise when I got married that I was going to finish graduate school and work and clean and cook and entertain and volunteer and, and, and ….. I hear my friends talk about it being to much. Honestly, who cares that we have and do all these things if we’re hating every minute of it?

Join me today at Enough Time Moms as we discuss how toredefine perfect so we can actually enjoy what we have.

Disclosure: I am a compensated blogger for Enough Time Moms. This post reflects my views and opinions and was not reviewed or edited by a third party. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Enough Time Moms: Leader of the Circus


Circus - public domain image URL:


I’ve heard a few of my friends describe their household as a circus and their job as being the ringleader. We’re responsible for the show! Sometimes it feel like we’re cleaning up after the animals or trying to heard clowns out the door. No matter our job, we’re not just the juggler – who’s only on stage for a few minutes. From beginning to end, it’s the ringleader who keeps the circus moving. And as the circus moves from city to city, or in our case season to season, we have to adjust and keep everything running like clockwork

Join me over at Enough Time Moms today where we’re talking about how we manage the seasonal changes in our schedules. As we transition from summer to back to school to winter break into spring, it’s a lot to keep track of.

I’d love to hear your tips on how you keep your family running smoothly.

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5 Things You Really Don’t Need To Buy For Back To School


image credit: © Roman Sigaev–

I’m a sucker for all the great Back To School supplies. OK, I’m a sucker for most office supplies. And glue and glitter and construction paper too. But when it comes to school supplies is it really necessary to replenish everything? As a kid my family didn’t have a lot of money so we rarely received a backpack full of new supplies. And to tell you the truth, within a few days no one has brand new things.

So what can you forgo? Here are 5 Things You Can Skip For Back To School:

1. Crayons– sure they may be cheap, but that box of 86,531 crayons you have tucked away is the perfect place to find perfectly usable crayons. They’ll be rounded down in a few days anyway.

2. Book Covers– there is really no need to spend several dollars per cover when you have perfectly good paper grocery bags or gift bags stashed away. Consider it recycling and going retro. All the rage in the 1980s, paper bag book covers are not only earth friendly but they also give you a canvas to decorate as you see fit.

3. Pencil Bag– Most of these things are made of plastic and will tear relatively easy. If you’re going for plastic why not just grab a zip top bag or two and put pens, pencil and crayons in a roomy place? And if they tear or get damaged they’re inexpensive and easily replaceable.

4. Pens– not all kids will need pens, but many high school and college kids will. Now I’m a pen junkie and love all the colors and types. But the fact is that I have hundreds of pens from all kinds of places – restaurants, real estate folks, drugstores, etc. Most are pretty decent and if I lose it I don’t feel bad.

5. A New Wardrobe– buying a few things may be in order, but just because it’s back to school doesn’t mean you should invest in a new wardrobe. Besides the fact that there is already a room full of perfectly usable clothing, styles might change or your child my find that she doesn’t want to be caught dead in head to toe pink any more or your son isn’t feeling part of the in-crown with those polo shirts. It’s one thing to buy clothing staples when they are on sale, it’s another thing to spring for whatever is the newest must-have.

Now it’s your turn! What have you determined is more an option than a necessity? Share your thoughts and insight below for a chance to win a $500 Back to School Shopping Spree from BlogFrog!

Want to exchange more tips and ideas with other moms about back to school topics such as healthy snacks, school supplies and saving money?  Visit the Horizon® Healthily Families Back to School Community!

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Back To School Memories

Back To School Supplies © Carlos Caetano -

I loved school! It was an escape from the very odd life I had. I grew up in the projects for most of my life. Until my mom remarried when I was 12. Even though my brother and I were the only white kids, we lived in the projects so we got bussed. Integrated schools were all the rage in the 1970s!

But as much as I didn’t fit in, I really tried. I truly loved school and wanted to be one of the smart kids. Because smart kids were special. And I wanted to be special so I could dit in and be like the other kids.

Going back to school meant I got to meet an entirely different group of people. It meant I would be able to read books I had no idea existed and learn about science and math and go outside and play games on soft grass or into a cooled gym. Very different than what I usually did.

I remember picking out my new back to school clothes. They were few, but I cherished them. I tried to pick out ones that cool kids would wear. I was skinny and shy and very girly. And I had short hair. Always had short hair growing up. I wanted to make a good impression. And hoped and prayed no one would look down and see my shoes. I never work cool shoes. I had orthopedic shoes for most of elementary and junior high. Ugly orthopedic shoes. Except one year when saddle shoes were popular and they made them for me too.

I wanted to fit in. And for the most part I did. I had friends and I was one of the smart kids. And while there was so much to navigate on the back to school scene, I would tell myself to just be who I was. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Going to 5 different elementary schools didn’t help with consistency either. By time I graduated from high school I had been enrolled in 12 different schools – one school I went to for just 3 days!

As I transition this year from pure homeschooling to a small self-contained class for BabyGirl I have so many thoughts about back to school. I’m excited for the possibilities. I’m fearful for the unknown. And I’m at a loss, sometimes, for what to tell her. I want her to be herself. I don’t want kids to make fun of her lunch or her shoes or her clothes.

Being part of the Horizon Dairy Blog Frog Back To School community couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s a safe place for me to ask questions about how back to school works, what to expect from teachers and the parent organizations and how to keep my sanity with dinner/homework/after school activities. My biggest concern has been what to make BabyGirl for lunch. Eating at home has given us so much flexibility. But now that she will be with other kids I don’t want her feeling awkward about her meal.

There are quite a few moms in the Back To School community who have kids in junior high and high school. They’re a wonderful resource. Add to it those women who have kid-friendly recipes that will encourage kids to eat their lunch and not trade it. We’ve even discussed time savers and how to help kids keep themselves organized so they’re not searching the house for their things at the last minute.

I have so many great memories of back to school. I truly could go on and on about picking the right outfit, making brown paper book covers, saving cereal boxes to make crafts and so forth. Instead, I’d love to hear about your back to school memories.


Disclosure: I am a compensated Horizon Back To School Community Leader at The Blog Frog. This post is provided as part of my role as a Community Leader. This post has not been reviewed by a third party and all opinions are my own. This conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon.  The opinions expressed by me do not necessarily reflect the view of the Horizon Organic brand. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.