We The People

The Power of We
We. Two little letters that mean I am connected, you are connected. It’s the idea that 1 + 1 is definitely more than just 2. It’s the belief that together the changes we’re striving for can happen more swiftly. It means that each of us is part of something bigger. That one person doesn’t do it all. Can’t do it all. Shouldn’t do it all.

Social media has been one of the best things to happen to the ‘we’ idea. People with good idea can get funding to make their ideas a reality. Musicians and authors can bring their craft directly to their fans who then band together. Even fan communities have stepped up together and raised money for good causes.

But it’s not just the commercialized ‘we’. It’s the ‘we’ that says kids on a school bus aren’t going to get away with bullying a woman who’s just doing her job. It’s the ‘we’ that are there when a friend finds out she has cancer and shares it on her social networks and email. And it’s the ‘we’ that celebrate the many joys of life with each other.

Day in and day out we go about doing the routine and mundane – laundry, cleaning, cooking, work. And while each of us has different motivation, there is often that sense of pride in doing our best because we’re part of a larger collective. Every day women around the world do more for others than they do for themselves. Many men, too, are finding that they are also part of the collective ‘we’ that’s changing lives – even if those lives are just their own kids.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a world that is constantly on. The 24/7 news-cycle, the never-off emails, the call-you anywhere smartphones all make us feel hyper-connected to a huge world. One that may blur over when we actually look out and try to focus.

The power of ‘we’ isn’t in that ‘constantly on’ experience. The power of ‘we’ exists because we step back and focus our gaze on one thing. Something meaningful to us, to our family, to our friends, or even total strangers. For some it’s donating money and allowing others to get their project off the ground. For others it’s using their talent, connections or other resources. For all of us being part of the WE is a sense of pride. Of knowing that one person can make a difference.

It’s takes all types of ME to make WE. You may just have to turn your thinking upside down.

This post is part of the Blog Action Day 2012 program which brings bloggers together to share a common message. Last year the message was about Food. The prior year was about Water. This year, the message is that every day people come together in groups of all sizes to make the world a better place.

What is your WE?


Blog Action Day: Give a Child a Glass of Clean Water

Today, October 15th, is Blog Action Day. This day has been designated so bloggers around the world can come together to raise awareness about a single issue. To not only create dialogue but also action. As we all know, talk only goes so far. To make an impact we must take active steps and DO SOMETHING!

The issue this year is WATER. Water, you say? We all have water. The earth is covered in it. You can find it most anywhere. I drink water all the time, every day.

Unfortunately, though, over a billion (that’s 1,000,000,000!) people (about the population of China) do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. And let’s not forget that animals need clean drinking water too. As do all the plants and vegetation that keep our environmental cycle on track.

This summer I had the pleasure of meeting the people who work for the Children’s Safe Drinking Water program. The program has many facets, with the ultimate goal of providing safe and clean drinking water to children around the world. I saw first hand how a tiny PUR Sachet can change contaminated water into crystal clear drinking water, sufficient to hydrate a family for several days. I spoke with a woman who, because of selling and distributing these PUR Sachets, has overcome poverty herself and has singlehandedly helped dozens of other women escape prostitution by joining the efforts to bring clean water to all the children of Africa.

Further, I am a board member for Global Family Philanthropy which does outreach in Haiti as well as parts of Africa. After the devastating earthquake that nearly destroyed Haiti in January, Global Family Philanthropy has returned several times to help rebuild. Lori Goldberg and her husband, Seth, have seen first hand what contaminated water can do to their little children. They have been fortunate to be able to gain access to safe drinking water, but only after finding out that their parched and thirsty children will drink anything. Regardless of the fact that it is brown and teeming with parasites.

Earlier in the year, I wrote about Lori returning to Haiti to start the recovery and rebuilding effort for their orphanges. Lori just returned from another trip and has beautiful pictures of the children up on the GFP Facebook page. Lori was able to take PUR Sachets with her so the orphanage will never have to worry about clean water  should their water source become contaminated.

There is a biblical reference to wheat being the staff of life. While there is a lot of truth to that, it is also very true that without clean, safe drinking water life can not be sustained. And this type of death is 100% preventable!

WE can stop children from dying simply by providing them with clean water. H2O. Agua. Eau. Vatten. Wasser. Het. Apa. Su. Nero. Ura. Yaku. Jo. Dlo. Paani. Nam. Mizu.
So many ways to say it. But it’s all the same. Clear, refreshing and hydrating. Water!

Clean water means survival. It means being able to go to school or hug your parents or play with your friends. It mean children get to be children.

And WE (as in you and me) can make a huge difference! On this day I ask you not only to share this message but also to take action. If you can donate, CSDW’s program is where I am suggesting you give. You can give whatever you feel is appropriate. If you have to go to your car or search your couch cushions to find $1, then donate that. If you have to save your change from the next few purchases, consider doing that. Do you use coupons? Then designate a portion of that savings to CSDW. I think we can all find at least $1.00 to support the mission of clean water around the world.

What can your donation do?

$1.00 gives a child clean water for 50 days.
$7.50 gives a child clean water for a year.
$30.00 gives a family clean water for a year.

Are you ready to HELP? Click on the word DONATE and you’ll be taken to the CSDW site. At the bottom right is a DONATE button. It will take you to paypal where you can give as generously as you can.

Together we can give children clean water! DONATE NOW.

Thank you for reading my post and being part of Blog Action Day 2010.