What are Your Feats of Strength?

Walking on coals

You’ve probably heard about people walking over hot coals and not getting hurt at all. Or you’ve seen those martial arts demonstrations where someone smashes a cinder block with their head. And that look of both awe and wonder was likely very visible on your face.

I’ve never walked over hot coals in the literal sense, but I’ve burned my toes no imaginary hot coals quite a few times. Walking over hot coals is actually something I want to do one day. In the mean time, though, I’m undertaking other feats of strength. Not as super awesome and exciting as padding across white-hot lumps of compressed rock, but no less empowering.

For me, I can count some very unusual feats of strength for the average gal – parachuting out of an airplane and a helicopter before the age of 18, rappelling down sheer cliffs as a teenager. But those are things I think are rather pedestrian compared to what many of my friends have gone through.

When we think of feats of strength it’s often about doing something, like walking on coals or zip-lining over shark infested waters. But in our every day, I’m amazed at the strength people demonstrate. The grace when all you really want to do is run screaming. Calm when you feel your world crumbling around you. Finding joy in something, no matter how small, when you’d rather cover your head and retreat to a dark room for at least 24-hours.

Some days we wake up knowing that no matter how hard we try, we’ll never be perfect. And for some people that’s ok. For others, it’s debilitating. But we do it. If not for ourselves then for our children, our spouse or partner, the world. For many people, just getting dressed is a feat of strength and instead of walking over hot coals they navigate the maze of their brain which is more of a mental flamethrower and grenade launcher.

I don’t think we give ourselves credit for being strong. We think feats of strength are like lifting 500 pound Atlas Stones onto a wall, or pulling a bus with only our body. In reality, we all harbor enormous strength. Not necessarily physical strength, but emotional strength. It’s easy to feel strong when surrounded by love and confidence. For some reason it makes us believe we can do anything.

On those days we don’t feel confident or loved, or the negative chatter in our head gets really loud, it seems like we’re crumbling even though that Atlas Stone is but a small pebble. Every day we all accomplish amazing feats of strength. They may be different than your friend’s and quite possibly the same and the days, weeks, or months before. But every day is something new.

Just because someone walks over hot coals once doesn’t mean they can do it again without having to be prepared. Each time it’s a new challenge. And yet we discount our own personal feats of strength because they don’t involve fire or physical strength or daredevil acrobatics. Why? Because we’ve come to believe that strength is an outer show of our mental and emotional strength?

We tell ourselves that someday we’ll be strong enough. But the reality is that we already are. We just have to believe it!

What feats of strength have you recently conquered?

Image: tungphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


How Confidence Saved Me $170

Phoenix water isn’t known to be the tastiest or best. It’s actually ranked #53 in a recent study of Best City Water. And if you live in Phoenix or have ever been here and tasted the water then you know full well why I have a drinking water purification system.

When CycleGuy and I bought our house almost 13 years ago one of the first things we did was call Kinetico and have them come out and install a reverse osmosis (R/O) drinking water system and a water softener. Nothing too crazy for most Phoenix homeowners. Most people I know have an R/O system.

About every two year we’ve had the filters replaced. I’d call up the Kinetico people and have them come out. When we had the system installed that’s what they said to do. And so I did.

Remember, that was long before the internet. Well before it was posible to shop around and find some other company to do this same thing. Also, there is only one Kinetico authorized company in Phoenix.

Fast forward to last month. When our filters need changing our system stops. It won’t allow for water to continue to flow through if the filters can not do their job. Sounds like a great plan, huh. I think so. I don’t want to drink nasty water.

I went to the files and grabbed the invoice from the last time, getting ready to call. Then I saw how much I paid for the tech to come out for what amounted to about 15 minutes – $212! (pick up your jaw from the ground!)

Yes, in my foolish state I paid $212 for water filters. I was incensed! The filters were actually only $75, but the  trip charge was $125! One Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars! To come out to my house, turn two holders, take out the spent filter cartridges and put in the new ones. All in about 15 minutes. That’s the equivalent of $500/hr! I’m a lawyer and I don’t charge that kind of money. I must be in the wrong business.

This time, though, I said NO WAY! I’m smart. I can figure this out. So I pulled out my owners manual to find out what filters I need. But that wasn’t helpful. I was going to have to open up the cartridge holders. After about 30 minutes and spraying myself, under the sink, and half the kitchen with water I got the cartridges. Phew! It was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Thankfully the internet is full of all kinds of companies.  I found Water Filters Online and searched for my cartridges. It took me about 20 minutes. I checked and double checked and triple checked that I was getting the right filters. There are two filters of different size so I didn’t want to get the wrong one and my system not work.

The filters arrived in about a week and my crazy idea would be put to the test. Could I do this myself? And in the process save myself money? I knew I could. I believed that I’m smart enough to put in two water filters!

It took me about 10 minutes to get the water filters in and then figure out what I’d done to turn off the R/O system so I could turn it back on. If I’d remembered what I’d done to turn that contraption off it probably would have taken all of 3 minutes. But no! I’m there with my head under the sink turning all these turny-things hoping not to spray myself.

I DID IT! Once the air cleared the system I had water. Black water, but water nonetheless. I wasn’t worried about the black water because it’s a carbon filter and that’s normal. I knew that would happen.

An hour later and having spent only $45 I had clean drinking water again!  I was so proud of myself for believing I could do this. I’m relatively handy around the house. But I’d read the owners manual and the directions for changing the filter and it’s very confusing. I had watched them do this many times that I knew if I could find the filters I could probably do it. And if I couldn’t then at least I’d have the filters and they could just come change them out.

It sounds hokey, but a little confidence sure helps. Now, I had $170 extra money that I could use toward something else.

Do you think you can tackle a project and save a few bucks instead of calling a service person? I bet you can!

Disclosure: I paid for my own water filters. WaterFiltersOnline.com has no clue I have this fantastic blog. Lucky for you, you do!