I Bought Something Without Using A Coupon – And Live To Tell About It

Oregon Chai

I went to the store with BabyGirl and bought something without a coupon.  It wasn’t on sale either.  Yes, I paid full retail!

She’s been bugging me for weeks to buy her some Chai.  She likes the liquid concentrate Chai from Oregon Chai that is sold at Trader Joe’s.  I don’t buy it that often even though I like it also, because she likes it more than me and there is a lot of caffeine in it and it is dark and can stain teeth and it’s sweet and I don’t like her to drink sweet stuff all that frequently.  But, she is a relentless BabyGirl and finally wore me down. That and I want some too but don’t want to pay $3+ at the local coffee drive-thru.

I told her I would go while she was at her tutor but I had a meeting and so we went after I picked her up.  I searched for a coupon last night, to no avail.  I tried to put it off, but BabyGirl was having none of that.  And once we were near Trader Joe’s she started telling me we need to buy 3 boxes of Chai because she loves it so much and if we run out we should have some in the pantry just like all the other things I buy in bunches.  Hmmm, she’s on to me I think.

I don’t have any coupons and now she wants me to buy 3 of these things?  At least at Trader Joe’s the cashier won’t ask me if I have any coupons.  Trader Joe’s prices are very good to begin with anyway.   Am I rationalizing this?  I think I’m psyching myself up.  But leave it to BabyGirl to tell everyone, and by everyone I mean anyone who was willing to listen to her while talking loudly at the store that her mommy has a website about saving money but we are going to buy 3 boxes of Chai and we don’t have a coupon.  After having the free snack sample, (er, lunch?), we check out, pack it all up in our reusable shopping bag, and make our way to the car with BabyGirl’s free balloon.

As we pull away from the store, BabyGirl says to me, “Mom, that wasn’t so bad was it?”.  No, it wasn’t.   I live to tell about it.  (But don’t tell BabyGirl I just ordered some Oregon Chai coupons off eBay. Shhhh, it’s our little secret!)

Disclosure:  Because I need to send out some love to the FTC, I tell you that I was not compensated for this post.  Had I received anything in association with this post I would tell you.  Not only because I have to but because it’s only right.  Besides, this post wouldn’t be as interesting if I got something so I would probably have passed on doing it.

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