Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Real Dads

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Father’s Day gifts tend to be afterthoughts. Or so many of my dad-friends think. It’s not that the gifts are terrible or anything. It’s just that no one really seems to know what Dad really wants.  Today I’m the featured writer at Enough Time Moms and I’d love for you to check out what real dads want for Father’s Day. Please join me and share favorite gifts of years past as well as what the men in your life will get this year for Father’s Day.

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Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

Fathers day photo

When it comes to Father’s Day, we’re not a go all out kind of family. It’s really a day for CycleGuy and BabyGirl to do something special together. But I know that it’s important to have something for dad to open.

Car Wash KitPut together a Car Wash Kit and include a few homemade coupons for a free car wash in the driveway. This could be a great bonding time for the kids and dad!

BBQ Tools imageBBQ Tools – A quality set of BBQ tools can make grilling much nicer. We grill all year, so when I was looking for a quality set I knew what I wanted. They may looks nice, but the real measure of BBQ tools is how they perform day in and day out.

Sports equipment – Whether the dad in your life could spend all day out on the green, loves the batting cages, or could ride his bike for hours, some new athletic gear could be just the thing for active fathers.

Sports apparel –  Every dad loves to root for “his” team, and with some new team specific garments, he can really get into the spirit of the game!  Tickets to a game in your area would go great with this gift as well.

New wallet – Treat the dad in your life to an awesome wallet. This one isn’t expensive but it is so cool. Called The Big Skinny because it is amazingly thin, you’ll feel good knowing he’ll be more comfortable carrying his wallet. CycleGuy has had a few of these over the years and he swears by them!

Home Entertainment – Gather some of the best new DVDs together, such as American Dad, Street Kings 2, and of course, Big Momma’s House; Like Father Like Son, and combine them all together along with some popcorn to create a fun package for a family movie night on your couch

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Reflections of Father’s Day

BabyGirl and her Daddy, 2003

I never had a dad.  It’s not a big deal, so don’t feel sad or anything.  I’m fine with it.  My biological father was out of my life shortly after I was born.  Most likely a good thing given what I know of him.  And, honestly, my mom was a pretty awesome mom that I never felt like I was missing out.  Plus there was my grandpa, who, according to my mom and my uncle, was a pretty great father.  And a very special grandpa.

I never needed a dad.  I was fortunate to have good male role models who were able to be a father-figure whenever I felt I might need one, which wasn’t very often.  See, often you don’t miss what you don’t have so it truly wasn’t a big deal.  Then my mom remarried and at age 11 all of a sudden I had a step-father.

His name was Charlie.  I never called him ‘dad’.  It never felt right. Although I always introduced him to my friends as ‘my dad’, I always called him Charlie.  He didn’t mind. Well, I don’t think he minded. Afterall, he was new to the ‘dad’ thing too.  Charlie had never been married before he married my mom so on that day, he not only got a wife but a teenage son and a pre-teen daughter. He hit the family lottery, didn’t he?  While I say that very tongue-in-cheek, if you ever had the opportunity to ask him, Charlie would say he did hit the family lottery. He really did love us, regardless of the fact that both my brother and I were not very pleasant at times. Typical teenager stuff, really.

But Charlie was never a ‘dad’ in the sense of having that special bond or that connection that often exists between a daddy and his daughter.  To me he was Charlie.  And while I loved him dearly, he was more of a friend than a father.  Part of that probably came from being a step parent and what that meant in the 1980s.  Some of it might have been that he was in his 40s and went from being single to instant father of teenagers very quickly.  Whatever it was, he was just Charlie.

I don’t remember doing anything special for Father’s Day.  Father’s Day was usually spent with my grandpa anyway, and my uncle didn’t have kids so it was more of a celebration for my grandpa.  I don’t really remember Father’s Day being all that big of a deal really.

So here I am with an amazing husband who is truly a phenomenal daddy to a little girl that adores him. I work hard to make Father’s Day special for him because he deserves it, and so does BabyGirl. They both deserve the memories of the great Daddy/Daughter relationship they have.

On this Father’s Day, I look at the man I married who is a fantastic daddy and hope that years from now both he and BabyGirl will be able to call up fond memories of Father’s Day. This year it will be memorable because BabyGirl and I will be spending the day with CycleGuy in San Francisco. But it will be bittersweet as he drops us off at the airport to return to Arizona while he stays in the Bay Area for work. It will be part of the memories. Good Memories.

Any man can become a father.
Only the special ones can be a Daddy.

Happy Daddy’s Day, CycleGuy!

We don’t all have the same memories or ways of celebrating, so how are you celebrating or remembering Father’s Day?