You Can Always Get Free Shipping On Amazon


I love shopping at  Raise your hand if you do too.  Keep ’em up, there are a lot of you and I can’t count that fast.  Ok, hands down.  That was a lot of people!

One of the things I love most about (well, after all the great prices) is that you can almost always get free Super Saver Shipping.  Every once in awhile though, the item I want to buy (for example, a book) puts me just shy of the $25 needed for the free shipping.  Hmmm, what to do?  Do I buy something I don’t need just to get my total up to $25 or do I suck it up and just pay shipping.

What irks me most is when I’m so close and I have no idea what I could buy for $0.11 to help me get the free shipping.  But, I think I have found the solution — Amazon Filler Item!  What a genius website.  You go HERE and enter the amount of money you need to get to your $25 total for the free shipping and a list of items comes up.  Even if you don’t need a 2008 issue of Money magazine or some random spark plug, they  cost you pennies and save you over $5 on shipping.

It may seem counter intuitive to spend more money, especially when it will likely be on some random act of weirdness.  However, by spending a few extra pennies you will save BIG TIME on shipping!

Now that’s what I call being a smart AND frugal shopper!  So next time you’re buying something at and need something extra to get yourself free shipping, head over to Amazon Filler Item and find a way to add a few pennies to your Saving for Someday account.