It’s cold; We Have Electricity; but I refuse to turn on the heat

Cute Penguin

I woke up to the house being 58 degrees. Baby it’s cold outside … and inside. I was toasty and warm all night under my down comforter and extra blanket throw. My house is fantastic in that it holds heat very well and in the summer I don’t have crazy cooling bills because we thought ahead and had it built to work with the blaring sun beating down on all those 100+ days.

Don’t get me wrong. Now that I’m out of bed, I’m freezing. I’m dressed like I’m on an expedition to Antarctica to find the penguin-child I sponsor from a late-night infomercial telling me that saving the penguins is up to me. If a delivery guy comes to the door he may very well laugh. Maybe I won’t answer the door. Or I’ll hide behind the couch while BabyGirl answers. She is, after all, dressed like it’s the middle of July.

I had a conversation this morning on Facebook with a friend who kept calling me cheap for not turning on the heat. I argued back that I’m not cheap. She kept typing in this website name as proof of my cheapness. Emphatically I’d yell ‘I AM NOT CHEAP!’. Really, I’m not.

I’m frugal and I watch what I spend. I would never deny my family a comfortable house. And that’s part of the reason I refuse to turn on the heat. It’s me and BabyGirl and she’s not cold. She’s wearing pants because I’ve insisted. Her first outfit of choice was a skort and a tee. ‘Back to your room’, I tell her. It’s cold outside! It’s chilly in the house.

‘But mommie ….. ‘, I cut her off. I know what she’s going to tell me. That she’s not cold. And she’s not. It’s just how she is. I put my blue-fingered hands on her face and she lets out a sigh and thanks me for cooling her off. It’s now 62 degrees in my house.

I’m cold. But then again, I’m wearing a sweatshirt in the middle of the summer. I can warm myself us easily.

Refusing to turn on the heat isn’t some major statement about my finances or frugality or cheapness or needed to save or anything like that. I’m not turning on the heat because this is Phoenix. In January. The sky is blue, the sun is out. The Phoenix Open Golf tournament is in town. All the people from northern states and Canada are vacationing here, the Valley of the Sun.

I’m not turning on my heat because it hasn’t been on in a long time and I don’t want to start now. Because the cold is just temporary. And my daughter is not cold. Not even when it was 50 degrees in our house last night. Those snugly (notice I used the word ‘ugly’ in there, because I crack myself up!) things are looking quite attractive.