Honeybaked Ham Store: 50% off 3/5-3/12

In the past I’ve ordered these wonderful hams from the Honeybaked Ham Store as gifts for my friends so they can spend more time with their family.  They can be expensive, but periodically they run this great promotion offering 50% off their half ham and as well as discounts on several select items.  It does not apply to the entire line of products.

If you’re looking for a gift or a time-saver, here is an opportunity for you!  Click HERE to go to the Honeybaked Ham website for this special promotion.  There is no special code to enter as this is a special site just for this deal.  If you’d rather, call 800-854-5995 and place your order online.  All prices include shipping!!

9 lb Half Ham – $37.50 (was $75)

Fully House Combo (Ham, Turkey, Cheese & sides) – $129

Gourmet Combo (Ham, Turkey, Potatoes & more) – $109

The other items on sale are not discounted much, but if you’re looking for something special you’ll save a few dollars.