Starfish Project: Raising Awareness and Money for Exploited Women

Recently a friend of mine made a major career change to do work she is passionate about. She took a job with an organization called Starfish Project.

Exploitation of women all over the world, especially in Asia, is a significant and overwhelming problem. Reading stories of young girls and women sold into sex-slavery and exploited in other ways, and hearing statistics often makes the problem seem completely unfathomable and people just don’t know where to start. And, sadly, this is not an issue isolated in Asia. Every woman, no matter where in the world and no matter her background, is important.

Every woman deserves the chance to provide for her family, grow, and feel valued.

Starfish Project

I want to share with you an amazing organization called Starfish Project which works in three different cities in Asia. They find these women, befriend them, and give them a way out by providing them a range of social, emotional and practical opportunities. While in the Starfish program, women can live in the shelter, receive counseling, get work training, and have a job to provide income for themselves. Their job is to make beautiful jewelry. By buying a piece of jewelry you make these programs, and lasting change in these women’s lives, possible.

You become an advocate.

This summer, Starfish Project is hosting a sale and offering a discount on over 150 of their pieces for two weeks only.

50 | 50 Summer Sale

50% off orders over $50

on over 150 participating products
July 1 12:01 am EST through July 15 at 11:59 pm EST

By purchasing jewelry you are becoming an advocate for exploited women in Asia. Your purchase will give them work for their hands, hope for their hearts, and the knowledge that they are valued by someone who doesn’t even know them.

This sale only lasts for two weeks but the Starfish story is both continuing and growing. Would you become an advocate and join the Starfish Project?


You can become an advocate by:

Buying their jewelry and telling your friends. Find all the summer sale items here.

Following the story on their blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Thanks for becoming an advocate for women in Asia. The problem is huge, but together we can make a difference.

Disclosure: I am sharing information about Starfish Project and this deal with you because I am an advocate for the work they do. I do not receive any commissions or free products for this post.