Could Big Hero 6 Create A STEMGirl Revolution?

Big Hero 6 Girls

Admittedly, I’m not up on all things Marvel Comics. Other than watching a few of the cartoons growing up, Guardians of the Galaxy was the first mainstream Marvel movie I went to see. Even the, when I went to the Guardians of the Galaxy screening I took my friend with me because she was more familiar with the franchise and would be able to explain things I didn’t get.

When the Big Hero 6 movie marketing started it was all focused on the lead character, Hiro, and the robot Baymax. And while it’s great to finally see a positive male Asian lead character, that was pretty much a given with the Big Hero 6 story. The same with Baymax. Afterall, this is a Disney movie. Which is why I didn’t go to the screening. I really wasn’t in the mood to see a superhero movie about men (even if they are really boys) saving the world from imminent destruction. Even if it had a soft, lovable, squishy robot turned killing machine, turned lovable robot.

Then the movie came out and I read a great article by Bob Yamtich about Big Hero 6 and giftedness. And I figured it was worth researching more. Everything focused on Hiro and his band of superheroes. But there are girls in the movie. Girl superheroes. Smart girl superheroes. Science-minded, brilliant girls! Characters that really can be role models for young STEMGirls like BabyGirl.

From my research, both Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago are very different in the comic version. The writers didn’t have to make them equal in the movie. But they did. I’d like to believe it was a conscious effort to create both women as equals with respect to their male counterparts.

This might be the first kid-focused movie to have strong women scientist characters BabyGirl can relate to. Girls across the country have few, if any, STEM role models in movies. But Big Hero 6 changed that. Honey Lemon was a very talkative college co-ed with a love for chemistry. But she is also feminine and smart, described in the press materials as an “effusive brainiac”. GoGo Tomago is described as “tough, athletic and loyal to the bone, but not much of a conversationalist.

So what was it that brought these two characters to the big screen? I’ve not read anything about their character development or why the writers and developers chose to change-up these characters from their original. I realize much of their original back story wouldn’t work given that the Big Hero 6 movie is set in the fictional town of San Fransokyo at the local University. Since the characters themselves are kids, much of the original story had to be re-written.

Long before Frozen hit the big screen, this movie was moving forward in development so we can’t even say that Big Hero 6 needed something for girls to like coming off the blockbuster hit. Somewhere, someone realized that maybe the girls in the movie could be equally as capable, smart, and awesome as their male counterparts. And for that I’m thankful.

Whether there was anything consciously done to create these STEMGirls I really don’t know. What I do know is that if they keep this up more young girls will see that staying with science, technology, engineering, and math are cool. That they, too, can create things and be superheroes.

For now, though, I’ll let everyone else focus on Hiro and Baymax while I talk about Honey and GoGo. Because, just as people talk about how Hiro and Baymax really come to life in this movie, I’ll be talking about how these two female scientists not only came to life but also helped stoke the flame that burns inside a new generation of girls who believe being smart is cool and amazing.

Have you seen Big Hero 6? If not, do you think you’re going to see it now?


Frozen Sing-A-Long Comes To Theaters Nationwide

The runaway animated hit of the 2013 holiday movie season will be coming to cities nationwide as a sing-a-long. One of the first of its kind from Disney, Frozen Sing-A-Long will allow the audience to sing along without worrying about bothering other movie-goers.

Starting January 31st, 2014 audiences nationwide can become part of the show. Whether it’s Anna, Ella, or the lovable Olaf, get ready to sing along with your favorite Frozen characters.

Frozen fans have embraced the film’s original songs and its soundtrack with such passion—there are countless YouTube videos from people singing songs like ‘Let It Go’—we decided to create a version that would celebrate that enthusiasm,” said Dave Hollis, executive vice president, theatrical distribution, The Walt Disney Studios. “It’s a great opportunity for families to get together and have some fun with these songs.”

According to Hollis, on-screen lyrics and a magical bouncing snowflake will accompany select showings; moviegoers can check local listings for showtimes and theaters. The duration of the sing-along run will vary by theater.

Check your area for times and locations. In the Phoenix area, check out Harkins or Studio Movie Grill for times and locations convenient for you. Until then, you can practice your Frozen sing along skills with this video.

And if you can’t be without this movie, you can preorder the Frozen Movie on DVD or Blu-Ray which will be released March 18..


Movie Review: Frankenweenie, a Tim Burton Film

 Frankenweenie Movie Poster

So, let me start out by saying I’m not a fan of Tim Burton films. I didn’t like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse Bride. They were a little too “out there” for me. So when I was invited to the Frankenweenie screening I almost passed up the opportunity. But BabyGirl and her BFF really wanted to see it, so we went. And I’m glad I did.

Frankenweenie is based on a story Tim Burton wrote about 30 years ago. The story is classic Tim Burton, but didn’t have the years of being jaded by Hollywood or filmmaking. Disney hit a home run with this film. Macabre and dark, what you’d expect from Tim Burton. But the family-friendly story and the love a little boy has for his dog keeps you connected to the story.

The premise of the movie is a takeoff of the traditional Frankenstein tale, without the adult themes. And a slight twist. Keeping with the black-and-white horror film genre he’s known for, Tim Burton created a visually exciting film despite it’s obvious lack of color palette. The labor-intensive stop-motion animation only added to the depth of the film. And you’re easily transported to 1970s New Holland despite not having the usual visuals in a live action film.

With Tim Burton at the helm you know you’re getting a modern horror flick. With voices by Hollywood veterans Martin Short (Edward Frankenstein, Mr. Bergemeister, Nassor, Dad, Bob), Catherine O’Hara (Victor’s Mom, Gym Teacher, Weird Girl) and Martin Landeau (Mr. Rzykruski) parents hear familiar voices. The young newcomers are excellent and give not only a voice but a personality to their characters.

Rendered in 3D, it’s not visually overwhelming. The end is really where much of the 3D effects add to the dimension of the film. Both BabyGirl and her BFF really liked the movie. This, despite the BFF having just experienced a pet death the day prior. On the way home I didn’t hear any talk of trying to recreate the film to bring back her cat, which is probably a good thing.

The movie is very tame, until the end when it’s more Godzilla-like than Frankenstein. There were some kids crying in the theater, but BabyGirl and her BFF (both 9 years old) thought the movie was awesome. The BFF is a fan of Tim Burton’s horror flicks so I expected her to like it. BabyGirl has never seen a Tim Burton film prior so with this as her first experience I know she’s willing to see more of his work.

The fact the movie was in black and white was lost on some in the audience. But for those of use who remember the original Frankenstein, or even grown up watching the Aadams Family, had the movie not been in black and white it would not have felt authentic.

I liked that the story was generally family-friendly, although I don’t know if it would be appropriate for younger children. There were a few around us at the screening and they really didn’t seem to understand a great deal of it. This film is perfect to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Frankenweenie is rated PG due to some thematic elements, scary images, and some action scenes. I agree with this given that the younger kids at the screening didn’t seem to enjoy it as much.

Official Promotional Details

From creative genius Tim Burton (“Alice in Wonderland,” The Nightmare Before Christmas”) comes “Frankenweenie,” a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life—with just a few minor adjustments. He tries to hide his home-sewn creation, but when Sparky gets out, Victor’s fellow students, teachers and the entire town all learn that getting a new “leash on life” can be monstrous.

A stop-motion animated film, “Frankenweenie” was filmed in black and white and rendered in 3D. The talented voice cast includes: Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan, Atticus Shaffer, Robert Capron, Conchata Ferrell and Winona Ryder. 

Presented by Disney, “Frankenweenie” is directed by Tim Burton, produced by Tim Burton and Allison Abbate, from a screenplay by John August, based on an original idea by Tim Burton. “Frankenweenie” releases in U.S. theaters on October 5, 2012.

Disclosure: I was invited to a press screening and did not pay to see the movie. I was not required to write about the movie as a condition of the invitation. This post reflects my views and opinions and was not reviewed or edited by a third party. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


Review: Disney’s BRAVE

Disney Movie Brave

Disney/Pixar pushed the limits on technology to make BRAVE. The story of a Scottish princess uses technology that animators wished existed years ago when making other familiar films. This time, though, they had what they dreamed of and really challenged themselves not only to make the most of the technology they had but also to take the audience along on this adventure in the Scottish Highlands.

Queen Elinor is voiced by Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson, who does a phenomenal job of giving life to an animated character. You hear the emotions in the voice which matches the animation, so much so that there were times I forgot all of the visuals were tech-created. King Fergus is also so well done you may think actor, musician, comedian Billy Connolly really is acting the part. Kelly Macdonald gives princess Merida her soul and you’re drawn in to her as a young girl rather than, like prior Pixar films, a computer generated character.

The scenery is beautiful and very authentic. It’s easy to believe the characters are real and living in medieval times. The cast of characters we see bring laughter and comic relief at just the right times.

The story, though, is where I had some challenges. From the initial press, BRAVE seemed to be a story about a young girl bucking traditions to establish a new path for her life rather than accepting tradition. I knew that the princess wasn’t going to do exactly what a princess was supposed to do. The title is, afterall, BRAVE. I thought Merida was going to be more Mulan than Ariel or Belle or Snow White.

It’s one thing to take control of your destiny, it’s something completely different to be part of a corporate formula of what little girls should learn about a being a princess. Princess Merida wasn’t born into royalty. It stems naturally then that she’s going to be different. In many ways she’s no different than other young girls when it come to pushing boundaries with what your mom tells you. And while it’s a challenge to learn all the princessy-stuff, Merida does her best while wrestling with her inner country commoner who was taught to be independent at a young age.

As a princess, though, Merida doesn’t see eye-to-eye with her mother. In a fit she storms off and this is where I was less than pleased with the storyline. It’s formula. Sure it took its cue from the legend Queen Elinor was teaching to Merida. The story had Merida living out the gist of the legend. Although, it did throw in a witch (which, oddly, looked very much like the witch from the Snow White’s Scary Adventure ride) the story really didn’t need if they’d put a little more thought and creativity to making the legend more an integral part of the film.

At the end, of course, everything turns out OK and all is well in the Kingdom once again. It’s not without suspense and the edge-of-your-seat hoping that everything turns out OK and Merida and her mom are, once again, happily together. Was it a good movie, absolutely. Were there parts I was disappointed with, yes to that one too.

The big measure of success was what BabyGirl and her BFF thought of the movie. Two 9 year old girls loved the movie. They both thought the story was OK and they were sad that Merida and her mom got into a fight. While they knew it was just a movie, it impressed upon them that it’s OK to be mad at your mom but you shouldn’t wish anything bad to happen to her because maybe it will and that part made them sad. Overall though, they were so excited to have seen it (in 3D, too!) and see a strong girl as the main character, as well as the love among the family. They also liked that there were very funny parts too.

Directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman, and produced by Katherine Sarafian, BRAVE opens in theaters across the US on June 22, 2012, and will be presented in Disney Digital 3D™ in select theaters.

Disclosure: I was invited to a press screening and did not pay to see the movie. I was not required to write about the movie as a condition of the invitation. This post reflects my views and opinions and was not reviewed or edited by a third party. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Image courtesy of Disney/Pixar


FREE: Disney’s The Secret World of Arrietty Activity Sheets

Based on the acclaimed series ‘The Borrowers‘, Disney’s newest animated film is sweet story of a real boy that befriends a very little girl (Arrietty). So little in fact that she and her family live in the undetected, secret world beneath the floorboards of his house.

Arrietty (voice of Bridgit Mendler), ia a tiny, but tenacious 14-year-old, who lives with her parents (voices of Will Arnett and Amy Poehler) in the recesses of a suburban garden home, unbeknownst to the homeowner and her housekeeper (voice of Carol Burnett). Like all little people, Arrietty (AIR-ee-ett-ee) remains hidden from view, except during occasional covert ventures beyond the floorboards to “borrow” scrap supplies like sugar cubes from her human hosts. But when 12-year-old Shawn (voice of David Henrie), a human boy who comes to stay in the home, discovers his mysterious housemate one evening, a secret friendship blossoms. If discovered, their relationship could drive Arrietty’s family from the home and straight into danger. The English language version of “The Secret World of Arrietty” was executive produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, and directed by Gary Rydstrom. The film hits theaters Feb. 17, 2012.

Disney is offering FREE Secret World of Arrietty Activity Sheets to help kids get to know the characters.

The Secret World of Arrietty can be found on Facebook as well.


DreamWorks Studio War Horse Movie Review

War Horse Movie

Opening Christmas Day, this DreamWorks Studio film brings to the big screen a story based on the children’s novel of the same name, War Horse. Since it was a story originally written for children, there was some liberty taken to create a vivid and visually stimulating film that would transport you back to World War I Europe. Directed by Steven Spielberg, you can expect a seamless transition from the opening to the very end.

Despite not having the money to buy the thoroughbred, Albert’s father’s pride overtakes him and he commits to buying a horse that is not intended to do farm work. Joey, as the horse is named, becomes Albert’s best friend and does for him chores and tasks a horse of his caliber never should. Joey and Albert work together to save the family farm, only to be sold to Captain Nicholls (Tom Hiddleston) as the war begins to mount. Distraught, Albert Narracott (Jeremy Irvine) tried to join the military but is too young.

The story follows the horse from owner to owner, and through it, Albert becomes woven in as he joins the military effort. Nominated for two Golden Globes, War Horse features a grand view that is often associated with Spielberg films of this caliber. It is an episodic production that takes you from pre-war Britain through epic battles, grissly scenes of war and destruction, personal determination and love for a horse that somehow connects with every owner, to an ending that you hope for as the movie progresses.

It’s a very intense movie, as one would expect from a war-focused film. But just as intense as the war scenes, the interaction that each person has with Joey (played by 15 horses from foal to adulthood) is lovingly developed. As a representative of the over 8 million horses that lost their lives in World War I, Joey shows how much the war relied on the efforts of these amazing animals. Furthermore, it demonstrates that although they were often used to the point of breaking, the equine faction of the militaries were critical for more than just power. While most don’t befriend their war horse, there are those special bonds that do develop that allow the ordinary to do the extraordinary.

While it is historical fiction, we get a very good understanding of the various relationships that existed during the war as well and a glimpse at life in pre-war Europe.The cinematography is extraordinary and the entire cast transports you back to a time and place few of us would ever want to know. For adults who grew up hearing stories of World War I from their grandfathers, this movie will solidify those memories. For those of us who did not, the simplistic nature of the story sufficiently creates a narrative for a war we’ll never fully understand.

This isn’t as much a story about war as it is about courage and dedication. With a star-studded cast, and a few newcomers, War Horse is definitely an award-worthy film.  The main character doesn’t speak, but his story is beautifully told. Since the story was originally penned for children, it’s more a story about the powerful human bond with nature and the dedication to caring for each other that is basic to humanity. Set in a war, the story takes on multiple dimensions but never strays far from the theme of courageous action.

Definitely not for young children, War Horse is rated PG-13. While not overly violent or gory as compared to some movies, discretion is recommended. The mostly male cast allows for the few female roles to shine and both Emily Watson (Rosie Narracott) and Celine Buckens (Emilie) are wonderful and reel you further in to the theme.

War Horse Movie Trailer

Directed by Steven Spielberg; written by Lee Hall and Richard Curtis, based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo; and produced by longtime partners Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy. The movie is released by DreamWorks Pictures and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Run time: 2 hours 26 minutes.

Opens December 25, 2011

Disclosure: I was invited to a press screening and did not pay to see the movie. I was not required to write about the movie as a condition of the invitation. This post reflects my views and opinions and was not reviewed or edited by a third party. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


Studio Movie Grill: Olivia Wintertime Cheer only $2 until 12/31

BabyGirl and I went and had lunch! It was terrific fun and the food was very good. Not your typical movie fare, more like a family restaurant with burgers, pizza, nachos, and hot dogs. And dessert too! Prices are typical of going out to a chain restaurant. If you’re in one of the Texas cities or in the Phoenix-metro area definitely give this a try. BabyGirl and I both laughed and enjoyed the movie shorts, even though she’s now 9. Definitely for the younger set, but still entertaining for the family.

Through Saturday, December 31 – Olivia, Wintertime Cheer at Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill presents family movie days every school holiday and on weekends!

 The best part—admission is only $2 per person for every member of the family.

Where: Studio Movie Grill


When: aprox 11:00 AM (see location for exact time)

Who: Families

How: Just Show Up.

Cost: $2 per person

Olivia Wintertime Cheer:

Three featurettes together – Olivia’s Snow Day, Olivia Builds a Snow Lady and Princess for a Day.

Olivia’s Snow Day (11 mins)

On a snow day, Olivia and her friend Julian form a news crew and track down the real story behind an alleged sighting of the legendary abominable snowman.

OLIVIA Builds a Snow Lady (11 mins)

Olivia is thrilled when she’s chosen to build the mascot snowman—or in her case, snowlady—for the annual Maywood winter festival. She’s determined to build the biggest snowman anybody’s ever seen! But when all the snow melts away, Olivia has to build her snow lady out of something else: cotton candy!

Princess for a Day (22 mins)

When a real live Princess comes to town, Olivia can’t wait to meet her. But Olivia gets to do more than just meet her—when Olivia and the Princess realize that they look almost exactly alike, they make a plan to trade places! Olivia initially takes to life in the castle, but she soon misses her family, and realizes that being a Princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When the royal family cuts their visit short, and decide to head home, can Olivia and the Princess swap back before it’s too late?

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. I just wanted to share it with you.


Disney’s The Muppets Movie Review

Formula, trite, hilarious and laugh out loud funny, Disney’s The Muppets is a combination of 1980s schtick and current comedy. Co-written by Jason Segal, who also stars in the movie as Gary, the story stays true to what made The Muppets part of the family when they were TV darlings in the late 1970s. Amy Adams is the perfect balance, as Mary, to a cast that includes a multitude of cameos from celebrities most parents will easily recognize. And we’re introduced to Walter, Gary’s brother, who is, well, not like the other kids in Smalltown.

First things first – go see the movie! It’s not a film that will teach you anything or make you ponder the plight of anyone or anything. It’s a movie that will make you laugh and bring back memories of watching The Muppet Show in your living room as a child. All the characters are there, not having aged one bit – Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Beaker, Gonzo, Animal, and a host of ‘minor muppets’. And all the goofy gags are sprinkled in too.

Jack Black plays a small but important role, which I think missed the mark. He really could have been used better and the interaction funnier. Then again, I thought Nacho Libre and School of Rock were both very good. He is such a versatile actor and his sarcasm, wit and physical comedy would have added a great deal if it had been used better. Jack Black does a great job with what he’s given though.

Watching the movie it was easy to predict what would come next, which is why I say it was formula and trite. I say that in a good way. The Muppets franchise is very formula. I don’t expect out-of-the-box routines. Although, with so much more technology and all that has happened in the years since they’d last been together I expected more references to pop culture and current situation than were there.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a movie without Kermit or Miss Piggy. The love story was spot on, albeit a very minor part of the movie. I’m glad it was included because it’s that romantic tension between the two that really is the cohesion for The Muppets. That being said, Miss Piggy could have had a better back story. She’s the editor of Plus-Size Vogue in France! That could have been a bit more developed than the 3 minutes it got.

Enter the trite again with Kermit singing The Rainbow Connection and Miss Piggy appearing at the end. Again, I say that in a good way. If the movie did not include such a sappy rendition it just wouldn’t have been true to the history of The Muppets. And speaking of trite, let’s not forget the hokey musical numbers that are both lame and hilarious at the same time. Amy Adams really goes all out to take the sappyness we’d expect to a very muppetational level!

Without giving away the end, let’s just say it left me hanging. I realize the movie wasn’t about how it ended, but I just needed to know did they or didn’t they save the theater. There was too much attention paid to the bad guy at the end, although it did include a very typical muppet moment with Fozzie Bear banging his head and altering the tote-board.

I saw the screening and it included quite a few little and young kids, many of whom talked through the movie and asked a million questions. Annoying, to say the least. But it demonstrated that while the Muppets themselves are universal the story was probably over their head and definitely geared toward the parents who grew up with these characters. Even tweens, talking after the show, didn’t seem to understand why some of the gags were funny. Well, they’re funny only if you’ve watched the Muppets before and understand the relationship between the characters. For example, Animal being in an anger management program isn’t pertinent if you don’t realize how crazy Animal is. Gonzo blowing up his plumbing business is only funny if you understand that Gonzo’s many attempts at blowing things up is part of the Muppet franchise formula.

The Muppets movie is rated PG due to ‘some rude humor’. DUH! It’s the Muppets, of course there is rude humor. But, really, there isn’t much in there that I’d say you’d object to the average 5 year old seeing. Nonetheless, don’t go thinking this is one of those bland, milquetoast kind of movies with cute little muppets. There movie obviously wasn’t written for kids, but for the grown-ups who grew up with Muppets.

Go see the movie! It is funny, despite being something that feels like you’d have seen while sitting on your living wearing your pajamas before heading off to bed when you were a kid. I think Jim Hensen would be proud!

Manah Manah!

Disclosure: I was invited to a press screening and did not pay to see the movie. I was not required to write about the movie as a condition of the invitation. This post reflects my views and opinions and was not reviewed or edited by a third party. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son DVD Giveaway [Closed]

Big Mommas DVD image

Win a DVD and Get Even More Big Momma when it comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD on June 14, 2011

Just in time for Father’s Day, BIG MOMMA’S: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON introduces the Motherload Edition DVD and Blu-ray combo pack on June 14, 2011. The Motherload Edition Blu-ray combo pack is the ultimate gift, including Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy and featuring and all-new extended cut, gag reel and deleted scenes. BIG MOMMA’S: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON is the third installment in the Big Momma franchise starring Martin Lawrence as Big Momma and FBI agent Malcolm Turner and Brandon T. Jackson as Big Momma’s stepson Trent and grand-niece Charmaine.

After stints as an undercover grandmother and an undercover nanny, FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) adds “undercover housemother” to his resume in BIG MOMMA’S: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON. In this hefty new comedy, Big Momma is hired to go deep undercover as the Headmistress of the Atlanta Girls’ School for the Arts attended by aspiring music student and leading love interest Haley (Jessica Lucas). Proving “like father, like son,” Turner brings along his stepson Trent (Brandon T. Jackson) to double as Big Momma’s grand-niece Charmaine and go undercover as a student in the school with hilarious results. The duo tries in vain to derail attempts by the school’s security guard (Faizon Love) to get control of the debauchery.


Disc 1 Movie, Extended Cut and Added Features in high-definition Blu-ray:

● Theatrical Version + Extended Version
● Commentary
● Gag Reel
● Deleted Scenes
● Big Momma’s: Bigger Busts Countdown
● “Making the Music” Featurette
● “Baby You Know” Music Video
● “Lyrical Miracle” Music Video

Disc 2:

● DVD of Theatrical + Extended Version

Disc 3:

● Digital Copy

For your chance of winning a DVD copy of BIG MOMMA’S: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON, simply answer the following question:

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a) Atlanta Girls’ School for the Arts
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c) School of the Arts for Atlantic Girls

Please leave your answer in the comments and make sure you provide a valid email address so I can reach you if you win. This giveaway is open to US Residents Only (sorry my Canadian friends).
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New on DVD – The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The long-awaited release of a new next story in the Narnia series has arrived. Now on DVD and Blu-Ray, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is now available in a store near you, or online.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [Blu-ray] $19.99

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Hope you enjoy the movie! And when you’re out, look for the giant Dawn Treader replicas in your local stores.

Note: All prices shown are current as of 4/8/11. Prices may have changed.

Disclosure: All links take you to Amazon where I am an affiliate and if you buy I’ll get a small commission.