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Safe To Compete: Protecting Kids In Sports From Sexual Abuse

Recently, I was asked to join with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to share with other parents the many helpful resources the Center provides. This is a volunteer position with an organization that I have a very strong connection with. From the emails, I know many of you have, in some […]

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We Don’t Keep Secrets – Teaching Kids to Tell

Physical and sexual abuse, especially of children, is steeped in silence. Children are often threatened not to tell. Sometimes they’re told it’s “our secret”. It’s not a secret, it’s a crime. And children should be taught that there is always a safe adult they can talk to if something just doesn’t seem right. This has […]

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Holiday Giving: Gifts That Give Back

This past August I headed to New York for the BlogHer Conference. While there I was invited to a dinner at Ponte Restaurant with Tavern Direct. It is there I met the founder, Lou Bivona. Before the iconic Tavern on the Green closed its doors, Lou obtained the retail rights for various food products.  He […]

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