Nine Cookbooks To Make Your Life More Delicious

Best Cookbooks

I could probably do an entire post about the benefits of being friends with a baking blogger. There are lots of opportunities to “try this” and not really know what it is yet. The extras that make their way to my house via BabyGirl. Well, you get the picture.

My friend Christi, who brings us Love From the Oven, has introduced me to many different food bloggers just with the posts she shares. My Facebook feed is one giant drool-fest some days. You should follow Christi so you can get all the goodies sent right to your screen!

Anyway, this year, Christi’s book – Smart Cookie – came out and she did a few book signings and TV appearances. It was so happy and proud – as if she were my own family! I got to see the book come together and get a sneak-peak of some of the amazing treats she was making.

So I got to thinking. While I take for granted that I know about Christi’s book, you may not know about Smart Cookie and how awesome it is and how it could change your life forever. Seriously, it’s that fantastic! And I thought some more that you may not know some of her friends that also came out with their own cookbooks, too. So I’m sharing them with you today. It’s kind of like a personal shopper post for great cookbooks. And while most of them are dessert focused, let’s be real and just say that it’s really dessert we all want.

Smart Cookie Cookbook

1. Smart Cookie Cookbook by Christi Farr Johnstone – I’ll start with Christi’s book because, well, she inspired this post and one of the cookies in the book was made because Christi’s daughter and my daughter are best friends and kind of obsessed with narwhals. This is really the book most of us want because Christi will show you how to make cool treats using store-bought baked goods. No baking, just the fun of decorating.

Cake Mix Recipes

2. Make It With A Cake Mix by Lizzy Early – While not the first book of its kind, this book puts all others to shame really. Lizzy takes cake mix to a new level of deliciousness! It’s great if you can make all your baked goods from scratch, but who are we kidding. That’s not going to happen. So instead of not making something, find out how to take a basic cake mix to new levels.

Girl Who Ate Everything

3. The Girl Who Ate Everything by Christy Denney – Family-friendly and kid-approved recipes that would make dinnertime less stressful. Because, well, we can’t always eat dessert first. One of my challenges is coming up with new ways to combine the basic food groups into something new, tasty, and quick.

Dessert Mashups

4. Dessert Mashups by Dorothy Kern – Anyone can make brownies for the bake sale or potluck. So why not kick it up a notch and make things like Cinnamon Roll Cookies or Sconuts? No need to stick with the basics when you can really wow everyone without a lot of extra work.

Cooking With Biscoff

5. Biscoff Cookie & Spread Cookbook by Katrina Bahl – If you’ve never had Biscoff you’re missing out! It’s cookie butter and it’s so delicious. Imagine a jar of peanut butter, except instead of peanuts it’s made with cookies. And then you add it to recipes to create even more amazing treats.

Red Velvet Desserts

6. Red Velvet Lover’s Cookbook by Deborah Harron – There’s more to the red velvet dessert world than just cake and Deborah takes us on this mouth-watering journey to taste over 50 different options. Red Velvet Bread? Oh my!

Cakes with Cakes inside

7. Surprise Inside Cakes by Amanda Rettke – You’ve seen her pictures all over the internet because the cakes and desserts Amanda makes are amazing works of art (and because people steal them!). I’m pretty sure you’ve seen her “heart inside a cake” and thought you could never make anything like that. Well, have no fear! Amanda’s book walks you through creating a masterpiece of your own. There are so many beautiful cake options, you’ll be able to create something special for all the people you love (or want to impress).

Recipe Girl

8. Recipe Girl Cookbook by Lori Lange – With almost 200 recipes, this book will help you with everything from breakfast to dessert, cocktail parties, birthday parties, and everyday. Lori’s recipes are easy to follow and have adaptable options if you need something to be gluten-free or vegetarian. These are recipes for people like you and me – capable in the kitchen but need a little bit of encouragement and direction.

Popcorn Recipes

9. Popcorn Party Cookbook by Ashton Epps Swank – There’s more to popcorn than salt and butter, or cheese. Ashton shows you how to turn this everyday snack into something special and worth of taking center stage at any gathering.

So there you have it — nine cookbooks that will get you back in the kitchen having fun, making delicious food, and sharing your love (and food) with your friends and family. These make great gifts and have so much encouragement written in to the book that they’re like having a dear friend teaching you along the way. I hope you get some (or all) and enjoy trying out new ways to make  your life more rich.