Holiday Cards For A Cause

Image courtesy of Shutterfly

35 days! That’s how many days until Hanukkah. And I’m trying not to freak out. Besides the gifts and having people over to celebrate, I like to send out cards. Hanukkah isn’t as big a card-sending holiday as Christmas, but I like to send holiday photo cards. Between my Hanukkah cards and ‘holiday’ cards, my list is up to about 200.

I was recently looking for my cards and wasn’t finding anything I like from the site I’ve shopped at the last few years. On a whim, I tried Shutterfly. I used to shop there a lot but they didn’t usually have a wide array of Hanukkah cards.

This year with Hanukkah coming early, I’m having trouble finding cards I like that are new and fresh. Not just Hanukkah cards but my holiday cards too. Sending out holiday cards is something I really enjoy doing, but they can’t have any reference to Christmas. Usually, if I have one or two choices I’m pretty happy. I was really surprised that I found 7 cards at Shutterfly that I think fit my criteria of being new and fresh. This year, though, I’ve been looking for holiday cards that are also connected to a cause that I support.

Of the 748 cards in the┬áChristmas cards grouping, Shutterfly has a few Livestrong cards, and they donate 10% of net sales to Livestrong. CycleGuy and I are big supporters of Livestrong so I was thrilled to see these cards on Shutterfly. I like this Believe card, but the inside ‘Happy Holidays’ is a bit boring, but it doesn’t look Christmas-y so it’s a definite possibility. Then I also like the Livestrong Peace Collage cards, but the ‘Happy Holidays’ inside is in red which screams Christmas to me. Ugh!

But I really think this Gear Tree card is so cool. Being cyclists I’m partial to things like this. If only it wasn’t a christmas tree. So I still search.

If I don’t get one of the Livestrong cards, I’ll probably get this Retro Love card. It’s colorful, cute and holiday-ish without being christmas-y. Or maybe even this Giving Squares one for Heifer International, because 10% is donated for this card as well. Decisions, decisions….

Now, for the Hanukkah cards. I’m not used to having much choice. However, there are no Hanukkah cards linked to any causes, which is very disappointing. Shutterfly has 56 cards in their Hanukkah collection, but about 20 are basic cards and not really very Hanukkah-ish. The prices are good, though. Most are under $1. Although it is well over $1, I’m kinda partial to the Many Memories Menorah card. What do you think?

Which ones do you think I should get?

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