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MotoZ Droid Smartphone

One of the newest and most versatile smartphones on the market is the Droid MotoZ Force from Motorola. As part of the Verizon influencer team I was given this revolutionary new smartphone and asked to use the it and share with you how this new modifiable smartphone can help busy moms and dads, as well as business professionals. It’s easily the coolest phone you can have.

From the front it’s just a regular looking phone. Sure, the MotoZ Force has a shatterproof and water resistant display, a 21mp camera, and up to 40 hours of battery life. But unlike every other phone, the MotoZ and the MotoZ Force (I have the MotoZ Force) are the first to have interchangable backs. You know how the first thing you usually do when you get a new phone is to get a case? With this smartphone there are no cases. With the ability to swap out the backs – whether it be for a chic designer back from Kate Spade, the Tumi woodgrain-look wireless charger, the JBL Soundboost speaker mod, the Moto Insta-Share Projector, or the other versatile mods – you can instantly transform a standard smartphone into an entertainment hub or productivity tool.

While the device comes with swapable backs in six different styles, it’s the ability to quickly change out the back that has me excited. Sure, a cool or cute case/cover is nice and allows you to personalize your phone, we rely on our devices to help us be more productive, more efficient, and so much more. How many times have we all been huddled around our or a friend’s phone trying to watch a funny video or photos from a trip? Countless, right? Have you ever been at a gathering, in your hotel room, in the back yard, beach, or park and wanted to listen to music with your family or friends but you don’t have portable speakers? I’m sure there have been times you would have loved to have that option.


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While I do have a great portable speaker, it’s not portable in the sense of tossing it in my bag. The JBL Soundboost mod, though, is one of the smallest and lightweight portable speakers. And to make it even better, this mod has a 10-hour battery built in! Bluetooth can use a lot of battery power, but with the integrated power with the stereo-quality JBL speakers your inner DJ will thank you. The interesting thing is that I never really knew I needed this mod until I got it and would leave without it and would want to listen to music or share something with sound and I’m searching for a cup or cupping my hand over the phone speaker to amplify the sound like some tech noob.

If you’re thinking that’s all fine and good to have a cool set of speakers, but how can it help me with my business or work, I’m here to tell you it’s even better. If you’re at a client meeting the speaker can act as a portable speakerphone to bring in a remote colleague in a professional way. With the JBL Soundboost any embedded audio in a presentation boosts that level of professionalism you’re going for in a business meeting. And, instead of having to connect via bluetooth to a separate device, just pop on the speaker mod and it’s a dance party! Or, you can listen to TED talks or  a conference livestream.

My favorite mod, though, is the Moto Insta-Share Projector. This is a game changer, folks! Besides being able to play movies, watch videos, or share photos directly from your phone for everyone to see the business uses for the projector will have your clients and colleagues amazed. The projector is a fun add-on, but let’s be real. As a $300 mod, it’s not for everyone. However, if you travel a lot and want to watch movies at the hotel or vacation rental, share photos with groups of friends and family, or even buy a movie screen and have backyard movie nights this projector mod is pretty awesome. As a business tool, $300 for a portable projector is an amazing price. It makes easy work of sharing presentations, showing what a design would look like on a specific surface, or sharing information with a group. I never thought I needed a portable projector; however, after having this one I found so many ways to use it for my business. And, of course, I’ve used it to project our summer travel slideshow.

There are a lot of different smartphone options on the market, but this is the first one that really takes portability to the max. The fact that the mods integrate seamlessly makes changing them out effortless. And with that ability to change how our phones work, business productivity and personal entertainment are taken to new heights.

The MotoZ and the MotoZ Force, along with the Moto Mods are available at your local Verizon store or online. With the best network come the best products!

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Outed By My Ringtone

Cell Phones image

Last week I was in a meeting and my phone started ringing. Yes, I know I’m supposed to have it on vibrate or turn it off when going into a meeting. But, in my defense, the volume is not loud. And had it gone off during the meeting there would have been plenty of talking no one would have heard it.

Although, it went off as I was getting ready to leave. And the room was quiet. Like really quiet. And there I was. Standing at the conference table with a corporate executive next to me.

What to do? Do I just pretend that my purse is a musical purse? Should I pretend that nothing weird is happening?

It was at that moment, when the gentleman standing next to me said “I’d never have pegged you for that.” Was that a compliment? Was it a bit of snark? Ugh! Now I was embarrassed. So not only does my phone ring but now I need to somehow explain my ringtone.

My first cellular phone was in 1994. It was huge, but not quite as cool and mobile as The Brick. It had a default ringtone and the choice was either on or off. On you heard it and could answer. Off and it was worthless unless you had some type of cellular ESP. Then there was the Nokia with the polyphonic ringtone. Again the choice was either off and miss the call or on and be outed with a lame ringtone. At least there was voice messaging.

I had that phone for a very long time. Well, long in cell phone years. When it stopped taking a charge I upgraded to a super fancy fuchsia Razr. At least that one had a pretty zippy vibrate so I could still answer it since it was almost always in my purse. But I could also buy ringtones so that I could identify certain people immediately. I was on fire!

Then came the game-changer that is The iPhone! My own music. My own ringtones. Real songs. Real songs where I could specifically pick which portion I wanted. Which didn’t matter most of the times because my phone was on vibrate. Until last week. When my brother called.

As my purse began to belt out The Dixie Chicks heads turned. “Country music?”, someone said with a hint of disdain. I had been outed. Yes, country music! I’m a closet country music listener and I’m OK with that! I grew up listening to country music. Old school country!

Anyway, back to my singing purse. So I’m there with The Dixie Chicks singing Not Ready to Make Nice. Besides being embarrassed that my phone is ringing I now have questions to answer. And since I answered them once I figured I’d just answer them for everyone.

The Dixie Chicks? Yes, The Dixie Chicks! These are some strong ladies! They took a lot of heat and they didn’t back down nor were they bullied into making nice. I can embrace that kind of Awesome!!

Why Not Ready To Make Nice, the Dixie Chicks have many great songs? I got my iPhone almost 3 years ago and shortly after I got it my grandmother was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to undergo surgery. There were post-operative complications and my grandmother was hospitalized for almost 60 days. And during that time she was none too happy and she said some not so nice things to a number of people. When I would try to talk to her about it she told me that she’s almost 90 and shoe doesn’t have to make nice. So I made her ring tone Not Ready To Make Nice. And hearing it always gave me a little bit more power to be true and authentic without hesitating because there might be consequences.

Why do you have a ring tone? I used to keep my phone on vibrate. Most of my clothes don’t have pockets so I keep my phone in my purse. Those two don’t go together very well. So I gave in and decided I needed cool ringtones for each person as well as a general ring tone. I know, it’s so 1990s but what’s a girl to do?

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. But what I’ve determined is that your ringtone says a lot more about you than you may think. I just hope mine says that I may not be perfect to you, but I’m perfect to me.

Do you use ringtones? Why or why not? If you have ’em why did you choose them?


CardMobili – Organize and Manage Loyalty Cards

I don’t know about you, but my keychain looks like I’m the super of a large complex. Only, instead of keys it’s all those little plastic loyalty and membership cards. And that doesn’t include the stack of them in my purse for all those places that don’t even have the keychain cards. Funny thing is, I have 22 loyalty cards on my keychain but only 2 keys.

In addition to all the loyalty cards for the various stores, I have several membership cards too. You know, library, rental car, airline frequent flyer card, hotel cards. You name a place and I probably have a card. Bet you do too! They may be tiny pieces of plastic but they hold our access to great deals! But sometimes I don’t want to look like Schneider from One Day At A Time (yes, I’m dating myself!). I want to grab that cute purse and be stylish. Not with loyalty-card-a-palooza keychain, though!

And, do you think I can get CycleGuy to remember all these cards? No way! He has enough to carry his debit card and ID, much less grocery cards and who knows what all else.

Enter CardMobili, an online website and smartphone app to help organize and manage all those loyalty and membership cards. I have an iPhone so I downloaded the CardMobili app directly from iTunes on my phone. It took about 3 minutes.

I actually set up my account online because for me it’s easier to type. And for CardMobili you will need to wait for a confirmation email before your account is activated. The email is almost instantaneous.

I found it easier to add all my cards from the their website. I had quite a few and I’m a better typer on the computer than I am on my phone. It was pretty quick. Although, I would like to have an alphabetical listing of the cards rather than having to type in the store name and hope it matches or scroll through all of the cards. It would be much faster to just click on ‘S’ and find Safeway rather than typing it in the search box or scrolling through, page by page. I’d also like for it to know which cards I use most and have those at the top. Maybe as more people use it they’ll add that feature.

I added the personal iPhone PIN feature to my app.  It was easy to set up and requires a 4 digit numeral and will ask for you to confirm it on set-up. Now, when I launch the app I enter my PIN and I’m in. It adds a few seconds, but for my peace of mind it’s worth it.

You’re supposed to be able to scan the barcode that is loaded into the app. So off I went to test this out. My library card wouldn’t scan but that could have been my issue in not setting it up correctly or their system not being able to read this type of barcode. I was able to scan at CVS which was pretty cool. Now I may actually use the loyalty cards I’ve got stashed away!

I know you’ll like the convenience of this app, so head over to CardMobili and set up an account.  If you want to do it from your phone, check out the free CardMobili app on iTunes.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Cardmobili is free to sign up and use.
  • The mobile app is available for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and other JAVA phones.
  • Anyone can add loyalty, shopper, library or membership cards to their account
  • User can share cards with family & friends
  • At the store, just show your card’s barcode/number (my not always work)
  • Users can tell Facebook friends about cards they are adding to their account & share offers they know about.
  • There is a 4-digit optional PIN feature on the iPhone & JAVA app
DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post written by me as part of a Team Inexpensively tour, but all opinions are 100% mine.