Guess Who Is Speaking At Blissdom?

To say I’m excited would be an understatement! Earlier this week I received a lovely email from Megan Jordan, who is coordinating the Blissdom speakers, telling me my speaking proposal has been accepted and I’m being invited to speak at Blissdom.

The conference session is Ignorance is Not Bliss: Decoding Legal and Tax Implications of Your Success and I’ll be presenting with Charlene Oliver and Sarah Visbeek. I’ve never met Charlene or Sarah but I’m thrilled to be part of this presentation. And if our presentation is half as interesting as our collective blogs, we’ll set a pretty high bar for making what could be a boring topic (have you read some of the lame stuff lawyers churn out?) one of the must-do sessions!

If you’re going to Blissdom, I truly look forward to meeting you and hope you will come to the Ignorance is Not Bliss session.