Is it Summer Yet?

We’re 18 days away from the ‘official’ start of summer. The Summer Solstice on June 21st will mark the longest day of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. For most of us here in Arizona, summer will have been here for a little while by then, although I do have to say that so far May and these first days of June have been relatively mild.

But, all that talk about “It’s not really summer yet” and “Wait until we’re over 110” can just go away. I’ve already had to listen to the complaining that it’s hot when we get in the car and the sun’s too bright. Usually I don’t say anything, I just give that glance of ‘You live in Arizona, puh-leeze!’.

It got me thinking, though, about getting ready for summer and being prepared for those days when you get in the car and it is flaming hot and it looks like a mirage in your car because it’s so hot the air is wiggly. I always keep a window sun shade in my car so that when I park I can attempt to keep some of the sun out. I see so many cars without a sun shade and I wonder what they’re thinking tempting the heat gods like that.

I do wish I had one of those remote starters for my car so I can start up my car from 200 feet and get the A/C crankin’ while I’m on my way. But I don’t have one so I just sit there in the car slowly baking for a few minutes. Which is why I do my best to park in the shade and use that amazing window sun shade.

A few years ago when BabyGirl was still in her car seat I bought these little blanket ice pack things. They’re pretty large, about 10 inches by 15 inches and are made of tiny little ice packs. If you buy food that is shipped cold they sometimes come in those boxes. Anyway, I bought my own and keep them in the freezer so when we go out I grab a kitchen towel and a set of the ice packs so that I can put them on BabyGirl’s booster seat (yes, I know she’s almost 7 and a half) so when she sits down it’s not painfully hot for her back and legs. I’m a good mommy. Sure it’s weird to carry around ice packs but I can guarantee you that you’ll wish you could find ’em big enough for the driver’s seat.

The one thing, though, that I’m always buying in the summer is sunscreen. Can’t seen to get enough of it. Between swim lessons, swim team, CycleGuy’s training rides and our general need to be outdoors we go through a ton of sunscreen. We have our favorites, but I tend to buy whatever is on deal that I have coupons for. What? You think I’m paying full price for the fancy stuff?

Memorial Day may be behind us, but I’m going to enjoy these last few days of Spring before it really is hot and I’ll be the one trying to convince myself that it’s not really all that hot because it’s a dry heat.

How do you get yourself ready for summer?