You Retweet me!

Retweet on keyboard

Do you remember ‘THE‘ line in Jerry McGuire where Jerry tells Dorothy Boyd (played by Renée Zellweger) ‘You complete me.’? Of course you do, what am I thinking! Well, every time one of my social media hero’s ReTweets one of my tweets (which isn’t an everyday thing) I get all verklempt and the phrase ‘You retweet me‘ flies through my brain.  Yes, I know it’s totally lame. But then again, when coming face to avatar with someone you look up to and that avatar happens to be in your @ reply stream it’s kinda cool.

Maybe not for those who have 20,000 followers. But for me, with my 2,000-ish followers it’s very cool and exciting.  It’s kind of like my own personal Mean Joe Green Coca~Cola commercial playing in my mind.  And, well, yah, I do kinda feel like a kid.

Who would think that two little letters tucked neatly next to each other on a keyboard could mean so much. For me it’s a teeny tiny bit of validation that in a world of a bazillion people on the Twitters that I said something worth sharing. And sometimes I’m all fan girl and do a screen cap of it, but I usually delete it because that’s kind of weird to keep a RT. Now an @ reply, that’s definitely screen-cap worthy!

But why is this relevant to you (or me for that matter)? Well, something so simple as the two letters ‘RT’ can tell someone that you appreciate them.  You may not talk to them a lot (or at all for that matter) but when they hit that Retweet button they’re saying a lot about you and how they feel about you. And you should feel good. And be happy. Or giddy (not that I know about giddy!). And you should thank them if you can. I know that my RT of someone with 50,000+ followers is not likely going to garner me a ‘thank you’. But, you know what? There are some people out there who really do GET the Twitters and even though they have enough followers to be a monarch of their own little city they’re savvy and authentic and know how to make little ol’ me feel like I hit the twitter jackpot. So I take their lead on best practices and I thank those who RT me.

After all, it really is the little things that make all of us appreciate the day a weensy bit more.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this. But if I am, I guess that’s OK too.  So, am I the only one?