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Staycation Ideas for Your City

I know many of you don’t live in the Phoenix-metro area and you want great staycation ideas too. With nearly 100 cities listed, there’s a likelihood one of these will help you find fun things to do nearby this summer. Even if you’re planning a vacation, there are plenty of days you’ll need to fill […]

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Scottsdale Staycation Fun

With the mercury hovering around 110 during the summer, a lot of people head out of town. For many of us, though, our kids are in camp a few times or you’re like me and don’t want to bust outta Dodge and head where everyone else is heading. I like going out of town as […]

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Staycation Ideas for Your Town 2012

Yesterday I shared with you over 50 things to do in the Phoenix-metro area that would be fun for the family. Across the country, the following bloggers have done the same so you can have a great time no matter where you are! If you’re thinking of visiting one of these cities check out the […]

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Phoenix Staycation Ideas for Summer 2012

Although we love to get away, especially during the summer, the fact is that we don’t. Neither CycleGuy nor I like crowds and since most people vacation during the summer months our vacation normally does not occur then. Instead we wait until later. But what to do in the sweltering heat of the Phoenix-metro area […]

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