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Turning a Dream Vacation to Israel into Reality

I like to think I live “in the city”, but the reality is that I live in the ‘burbs. How do I know this? Easy, I drive everywhere. There’s no walking to the market, which I call a store because it’s not quaint and stocked with food fresh from the farm this morning. There’s no […]

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6 Reasons To Choose Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort for Your Disney World Vacation

For our annual summer pilgrimage to Central Florida one of the toughest questions is whether or not to stay on-site at Disney World. There are many options for both, but there are pros and cons that need to be weighed in determining if you stay on-property or off-site when you visit Disney World. Things like getting […]

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5 Vacation Memory Lessons From A Tween Traveler

I remember one vacation from my childhood, a trip to California with my grandparents. That family vacation was everything to me, not just when I was 7, but for many years to come. Even today it takes me back to 1977. vacation memories So when I became a mom I wanted BabyGirl to have more […]

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The Photo That Captured Summer

Summer is officially over as BabyGirl heads back to school today. As I looked back through the multiple hundreds of photos from the summer, I kept going back to this one. Taken at the end of July in Venice Beach, it sums up the feeling of this time. We’re happy to have had summer and […]

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Tips For A Great Family Vacation

Whether spring break or summer travel, family vacations are often on the schedule. For some, the childhood memories are filled with fun experiences of family vacations at the beach, camping, drives to the national parks. For others, it was just hours in the car wanting to be anywhere but there. As parents we want to […]

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