August 2, 2010

Tax Free Shopping Days 2010


In the past few years, more and more states have begun adding Tax-Free Shopping days to the calendar.  With August being a big back to school month, now is the time to take a look and see if your state is offering shopping days that will offer you considerable savings by not having to pay sales tax.

According to the National Retail Federation the average family will spend $606 on back-to-school shopping for K-12 students this year, up from $549 last year. And did you know, back-to-school is the second-biggest consumer spending event for retailers, behind the winter holidays. As a homeschooler this doesn’t surprise me given all the curriculum and materials I have in various online shopping carts.

While Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon never pay sales tax the rest of us hope that our state will wise up offer a tax-free shopping period.

The following states will have a tax-free shopping day. Check the list and mark your calendar! Click on the state name to be taken to documentation by the state.

  • Alabama – August 6-8, covers clothing less than $100 per item, computers/software/computer supplies  less than $750, school supplies less than $50 per item, books less than $30 per item. Not all counties participate so here’s the list of participating counties in Alabama.
  • Connecticut – August 15-21, clothing and footwear less than $300.
  • Florida – August 13-15, books, clothing and footwear less than $50 and school supplies less than $10.
  • Iowa – August 6-7, covers clothing/footwear less $100 per item.
  • Louisiana – Two sales tax holidays during the year. The first is usually the first Friday and Saturday in August (August 6-7, 2010) for “tangible personal property for non-business use” for items less than $2,500. The second in the end of May is on hurricane preparedness items less than $1,500 (May 29-30, 2010).
  • Maryland – August 8-14, clothing or footwear less than $100 excluding accessory items (jewelry, watches, handbags, etc.). In 2011, February 19-21, there will be an Energy Star Product weekend with no sales tax collected on sales of eligible items.
  • Missouri – August 6-8, clothing less than $100 each, school supplies less than $50 each, computer/equipment <$3500. Also, Missouri sales tax holiday on energy star products (April 19-25), called the Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday.
  • New Mexico – August 6-8, clothing/footwear less than $100 each, school supplies less than $15 each, computers less than $1000 and computer equipment less than $500.
  • North Carolina – August 6-8, covers clothing less than $100 per item, school instructional materials less than $300 per item, sports & rec equipment less than $50 per item, computers/software/computer supplies less than $250 per item. November 5-7 for qualified energy star rated appliances for non-business purposes.
  • Oklahoma – August 6-8, covers clothing/footwear less than $100 each.
  • South Carolina – August 6-8, exempts clothing, school supplies computers & computer software, towels, sheets, and other items.October 1-31 exempts certain qualified Energy Star items for personal use less than $2,5000.
  • Tennessee – August 6-8 – Clothing less than $100 per item, School and Art Supplies less than $100 per item, and Computers less than $1500 per bundled package
  • Texas – August 20-22, clothing/footwear less than $100, backpacks less than $100;May 23-25 exempts certain energy star qualified products.
  • Virginia – August 6-8, back-to-school sales tax holiday on school supplies less than $20 per item and clothing & footwear less than $100 per item. October 8-11, energy savings sales tax holiday on Energy Star Qualified products including appliances purchased for noncommercial home or personal use less than $2,500 each.
  • West Virginia – September 1 – November 30, not really a Back To School program since it only exempts energy star products up to $5,000.

Thank you to my reader, Shifra, for reminding me about the tax free shopping days coming up!


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Ramblings of a Woman August 4, 2010 at 8:08 am

I was sooo looking forward to tax free day as I needed to buy 2 laptops. Imagine my dismay when I found out that Georgia chose not to have one this fall as the state is already in such a deficit, they don’t want to lose the income the tax from back-to-school sales will give. On the flip-side, what they don’t understand is that a lot of retailers will lose out on potential sales and income because the state chose not to do this. Having the tax-free day would have given a boost to the retail companies and that, increases consumer confidence. To do away with tax-free weekend was a bad idea! For those who live in the above states, take advantage of it!

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