August 3, 2010

Thanks to ‘Retro’ Music on TV I Live in a Time Warp


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So in addition to Glee, it seems that many companies are using 80’s tunes for commercials. Specifically, Lincoln’s use of Major Tom by Shiny Toy Guns has me singing this very weird song. And with singing odd songs of the 80’s come the responsibility to explain said random song to one pre-tween BabyGirl.

Thanks to Glee, I get my fix of the best songs from my youth. And thanks to Glee, I get to share them with my daughter who thinks they are the best thing since Chai Tea. And because it’s not me pushing this music on her there is a higher success rate for her acceptance.

But now I live in this bizarro time warp. Where my own child is singing songs from my childhood. Not because it’s nostalgic and she’s heard me playing my cassettes or walkman. No, she’s hearing them for the first time sung by ‘kids’ or played in commercials. As if they are new!

And while I might think that music of the 1980’s was the bomb, off the hook, rad, gnarly, wicked, bitchin’ or even just plain duuuude (you pick your favorite one!), the fact that it’s back makes me feel old, er, I mean, nostalgic. But then I’m all excited because my daughter is singing songs of my youth. And then I feel old, um, I mean nostalgic, again.

Maybe I’ll look at the midnight movie listings and see if I can find The Rocky Horror Picture Show. At least there I know I’ll be reliving my youth and the Time Warp.

What makes you feel that you’re living in this altered state of youth?


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Ramblings of a Woman August 4, 2010 at 8:31 am

This is too funny! I hear music my daughter listening to that is a remake of an old song, but the artist has totally remixed it. A lot of time they do like I rap overlap, really different! And fun!

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