December 16, 2010

The Best Gift Ever!


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It’s big-time gift shopping season for many people. For me, Hanukkah is over and it’s not a big shopping time anyway. But I do buy gifts for other people for Christmas because they celebrate. And, like you, I try to get something meaningful and fabulous.

So as I’m reading my friend’s tweets and Facebook venting about finding ‘the perfect gift’ I got to thinking about gifts I’ve given in the past. Like the time I sent my sister a huge box of body washes and lotions and all kinds of stuff and a video camera, none of which arrived in the box except for a few stray bottles of smelly stuff. Or when I had a pretend book made for a friend when he graduated so it would look like a real published book with a fancy title and professional binding, but it was just a bunch of blank pages inside.

Sometimes, though, it’s not about ‘the perfect gift’ but more like The. Best. Gift. Ever. These are the gifts that take a lot of thought and become the talk of every gathering for the next few months. The gift to our friend Ken was one of these. He was at Home Depot several times a week so we decided to give him a sizable gift card. But who wants to just hand over the plastic equivalent of cash? So I taped it to a brick and wrapped the brick then put the brick in a gift box and wrapped it nicely so the brick wouldn’t shift around. He had no clue but it was perfect and we talked about it for months.

If you ask my grandma or my mother-in-law, they’ll tell you that the best gift ever is pictures of BabyGirl. And they’d be right, because to them life is all about their sweet BabyGirl. I guess that’s what being a (great) grandparent is all about though.

But looking back at the past several years, the best gifts I’ve ever given have been anonymous gifts. This past April, my friend Valerie (she blogs at Gluten Free in AZ and also has a personal blog because she’s an author) and I did a Random Act of Kindness Challenge. For 30 days we did kind acts for other people, often anonymous. These, to me, are The Best Gifts Ever. Because they’re given with a pure heart, with no expectation of the recipient. To be filled with that much gratitude seemed impossible. But I’m here to tell you it is very possible.

Doing for others is the best gift you can give. I do a lot of anonymous giving. My mom did too. She taught me that it’s not about being recognized for giving a gift. If you give so you can get recognition then you’re giving for the wrong reason. I adhere to that and teach it to my daughter.

“There is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving”
Henry Drummand

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Sara Blake December 16, 2010 at 10:54 am

Love it, downloaded it!

Love the Brick and Giftcard, so simple yet so awesome!

Great post, as always 🙂

rhonda December 16, 2010 at 4:59 pm

even though all the smelly stuff & video camera didn’t arrive, we loved it. My daughters were just getting into showering more and thought (still think) that Aunt Sara is the best! We love ya no matter what dear sister.

Becca - Our Crazy Boys December 16, 2010 at 6:46 pm

I am with you on the gift giving! LOVE giving gifts. But I usually leave a note with it. Because…
I once received a magazine subscription. And I didn’t know who it was from. And it drove. me. batty. Because I NEED to say thank you. And every single month, I was reminded that I couldn’t say thank you. Was there a card that was lost? Did someone tell me they bought it for me and I forgot?? I was crazy for a year. And I don’t want anyone to go through that.

Completely silly. I know that.

But the brick? Awesome 🙂

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