April 19, 2010

The Homeschool Mom Wears Prada


In my life of of homeschool mom, I try very hard each day to shower and dress as if I’m going to work.  Some days, though, I’m glad my work has adopted the dress code of Mom Casual.  I’m the CEO, as well as the VP of HR, so I set the policy.  Which is why Mom Casual does allow for the wearing of pajamas after noon as well as shower-optional days.  Not your typical Fortune 500 corporate dress code, but it works.

Sure, I have a closet full of very nice business casual attire.  I have beautiful suits, silk blouses, tailored trousers and skirts.  And lets not forget the fabulous shoes bearing an array of designer names that are now neatly placed in hermetically sealed plastic boxes with pictures of the shoes taped to the outside.  So as not to have to expose them to the harshness of the air I breathe.

But when I became a Work At Home Mom and ultimately added Homeschooling Mom, gone were the days of tailored clothing.  Heels were exchanged for the more comfortable, but fashionable, slides and flip flops.  I’m not a sneaker wearer. But I’m a creature of habit.  So the one thing that didn’t get traded was my love for the basic black.

Basic black is good.  Always in fashion. Right?  I’m more of a classical style person, rarely opting for the fashion pieces.  I’m a big fan of Lands’ End and LL Bean.  And I’ve always felt like my own personal sense of style was OK.  No, I’m not going to be American’s Next Top Model (or any country’s next top model for that matter). But I’m surely not being secretly taped for What Not To Wear either. (If I am, don’t tell me.) I’m cool with how I dress.

Until one day, when I met the perfectly dressed homeschool mom.  She was dressed to the 18s – that’s twice being dressed to the nine, she was that put together.  Her hair was perfect, as if she just came from the salon.  Her manicure and pedicure were flawless.  She was wearing jewelry as if she’d just been to Harry Winston.  Her clothes were all perfect and you could tell they came from places that didn’t put price tags on their items. She could have been coming from a magazine photo shoot (although my friends would know I had stolen the clothes).  And there I stood, wearing capri pants and a cute top.

Mine were name brand clothes, and I had on my comfy Nike Air/Coach shoes. And my hair was washed and styled and I did have make-up on that day. I had even brushed AND flossed!

But she, I was not. As she stood next to one of the booths waiting her turn, impatiently, we all tried our best not to stare. She looked out of place. And now she was tapping her toe, as if to tell the vendor to hurry up. When it was her turn, the rep at the booth said hello. Whether being nice and just making conversation or being facetious the rep complimented the toe-tapping homeschool mom’s shoes.  “Beautiful shoes!”

“Of course they are, they’re Prada!”

And that is when I learned The Homeschool Mom Wears Prada!

And I don’t. Neither do my friends. I have a Prada purse I received as a gift. Does that count?



Carma April 19, 2010 at 10:19 am

Well, I’m pretty positive that I would rather be a kid in YOUR homeschool than in HERS! I wouldn’t want to grow up with a mom who had to be done to the 18’s every day!

Sara April 19, 2010 at 11:57 pm


Thank you for visiting my site and commenting. It was a somewhat surreal experience meeting this mom, and I’ve seen her several times since, always dressed beyond impeccable. I just can’t bring myself to befriend her because I don’t think I could ever feel comfortable.

Kiende April 20, 2010 at 9:18 pm

Hi Sara, that was a hilarious story! I am a sahm and I REFUSE to look frumpy at home or in public. I came to your site via savvy blogging. Take care and have a happy day 🙂

Sara April 20, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Hi Kiende,

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you found it funny. I try not to look frumpy. Being a SAHM does not mean we have to give up on ourselves as women.


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