November 12, 2013

Today Is 11/12/13



I’m a number geek and have always thought it was cool to have these consecutive dates. For most of us, we waited until 2003 for our first one. Back on 01/02/03, the first one I could celebrate, I was just chilling out after having BabyGirl a few weeks earlier. Today is 11/12/13. And now, as we sit on the penultimate consecutive date of our lifetime, using the MM/DD/YY format) (sorry, I don’t plan to be around in 3003) we have two opportunities to have our time and date aligned on November 12, 2013.

As an auspicious day, many are getting married today. Not sure what I’ll do commemorate, but I’ll definitely need to plan something big for 12/13/14.

Do you have any plans? Or did you not even realize what a fabulous day today is?


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