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Recently one of my most favorite restaurants had a daily deal on Groupon – $25 for a $50 Certificate. Except that this restaurant, Rosemary’s,  is in Las Vegas. And I don’t live in Las Vegas.

But, I was lucky enough that this deal came out just days before I was going to be in Las Vegas!  Woo Hoo!!  And while I may not have gone to Rosemary’s because it is a bit more on the elegant/special occasion price point, Groupon made it possible for me and CycleGuy to take our best girl, BabyGirl, of course, to Rosemary’s. And it was made even easier because of the Groupon Mobile App. See, I had forgotten to print out the Groupon certificate and I was trying to figure out what to do. And since I’m too frugal, and I have good sense, I refused to pay nearly $8 for the hotel to print my certificate that would probably end up in the trash anyway.

The Groupon Mobile App totally rescued me, and probably will be how I ‘spend’ my Groupons from now on.

So, how to use Groupon or other daily/weekly deal sites for traveling? If you’re visiting friends or family or going on vacation, keep an eye out for restaurants, activities and other fun activities in your destination city that are being discounted. You may not need an annual membership to the aquarium in Aunt Violet’s hometown but by buying the annual membership from Groupon (or Savvy Source) for 50% of the going rate you may actually save on the daily rate, and if you’re staying long enough could possibly go more than once. These types of memberships are especially useful if you’re spending quite some time visiting. Also, check to see if that membership has reciprocal privileges at other museums, zoos or aquariums that you may be visiting too!

If you know where you going, get an alert for that city’s Groupon (or Savvy Source, as they are rolling out across the US). Whether it is a deal for an ice cream parlor, a nice dinner, an activity for the kids or the kid at heart, saving money is as easy as a click of a button! Planning pays off, I promise.

Disclosure: Groupon didn’t pay me or give me anything for writing this. I just thought it was a great savings opportunity so I’m sharing it with you. Yes, some of the links are affiliate links. If you click on them and buy something I get money. It’s not enough to retire on but after enough people click I’ll have enough for a free Groupon. So, click away and tell all your friends!


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  1. I actually do this all the time! If I have upcoming travel plans, I signup for the daily email in that city. It’s a great way to find fun places & good restaurants you wouldn’t otherwise have known about!

  2. Great tip – incredible how I never thought of that!

    I’ve also recently downloaded an app you recommended – Cardmobili. I’d add that having all your frequent flyer cards there is a must to anyone who likes savings and travelling! Have you checked out the number of frequentl flyer cards they have in their website, when you choose “travel” in their categories –

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