April 6, 2010

Treasure Box: A Week of Food for $30


image: Treasurebox.org

My friend Koni (Hi, Koni!) works for Treasure Box, a wonderful organization that decided to expand their services and offer boxes of quality food for a budget friendly amount of only $30. Treasure Box has partnered with faith-based and community-action organizations to offer food boxes that are nutritionally balanced and affordable. Each month they offer several types of boxes in addition to the standard monthly box of food which has 20-25 pounds of food.

In March, I ordered a Treasure Box to see what all was in it. I actually ordered it for my mother-in-law since CycleGuy’s brother came down to visit for a month or two and help out with a few things around MamaSan’s house. Ordering was easy and I received a confirmation email and a few days prior to pick up I received a reminder email.

On pick-up day, I drove to the location I had selected and the people couldn’t have been nicer. They checked off my name from the list and gave me a slip to hand to the volunteers who were giving out the boxes. They even brought it to my car! That was very nice of the gentleman.

How the Treasure Box is packed.

I came home and unpacked it, even though I could have done a few errands or such as the food was frozen and those few items that did not require freezing were being cooled from the frozen foods. Wow, what a haul! Everything they said would be in the box was in the box – chicken, beef patties (bacon & cheese), ground beef, sausage, soup, chili, tortillas, Stouffers Mac & Cheese, and so much more.

Contents of the March Treasure Box

It was fun taking it over to MamaSan’s house and sharing it with her and Uncle Coach. They even decided to share it with one of their neighbors they know has been having difficulties making ends meet.

Orders are placed online and there is a $1 processing fee, so your total would be $31. There are Host Sites throughout California and in Phoenix, Arizona.

The April Menu will include the following, and orders must be placed by April 11:

3lb – Whole Chicken                            2lb – Beef Patties
1.6lb – Chicken Thighs                        1.5lb – Beef Meatballs
1.5lb – Turkey Ham                              1lb – Smoked Sausage
2lb – Cheese Ravioli                              2lb – Chili
1.65lb – Chicken Egg Roll                   1lb – Frozen Fruit
1lb – Frozen Vegetables                       2lb – French Fries
6 – NutriGrain Bars                               1 – Dessert

To see if there is a Treasure Box location in your area, or to order yours go HERE.


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