June 15, 2010

Twists and Turns of Life …. and Broken Glass


Lombard Street June 14, 2010 by Sara

As you know, CycleGuy is headed to his new job in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We’re here now, and the weather is beautiful – about 70 for a high today.  Big difference from the normal Phoenix summer.  And while we’re here to ‘work’, of course we’ll find some time to play too.  Today (Monday) we went down to Fisherman’s Wharf so BabyGirl could see the Boudin bakery (she’s been talking about it for days).  We also walked over to Ghiradelli Square for a little treat.  But the big excitement was going to Lombard Street.  BabyGirl wanted to see it, so we took the street car up and walked down Lombard Street while watching cars navigate all the turns.  She was fascinated by the crookedness of the street but was surprised it was more treacherous.  For some reason, she thought that this tiny one-block stretch of the crookedest street in the world should somehow be a jagged mess of a street.  So while others were impressed by the sheer steepness and curvy nature of Lombard street, BabyGirl thought it was just another windy road.  And therein lies the intrigue — it all depends on your perspective.  For some, Lombard Street is a street they could never navigate.  For BabyGirl, it was just another street.  Special, yes.  But nothing to overtake your emotions.

Our drive up to the San Francisco Bay Area was interesting, to say the least.  We left on Friday and decided to stop and enjoy a few days at Disneyland and celebrate CycleGuy’s birthday on Saturday.  BabyGirl thought it would be a good birthday gift since we hadn’t purchased or made anything for her daddy’s birthday.  So, to Disneyland we headed.

As with most of our previous drives to the Anaheim area it was relatively uneventful.  That was until we got to the Banning area.  Nothing special about Banning.  Just one of the many cities you pass through while driving down the highway.  This time though, we had to take a slight detour.

See, while traveling 70+ mph we became the target of either careless kids or a random act of violence.  While hurtling down the highway keeping up with traffic, from who knows where a baseball slams in to our front windshield.  BAM! Immediately followed by glass spiders — you know, those lines of broken windshield glass.  I called 911 and arranged to meet with a patrol officer at the next exit.  Then I get on Twitter, because I’m angry and scared and freaked out and wanted my friends to know.  The highway patrol officer wasn’t sure if it was accidental or an act of violence, but said we were lucky not to have been shot at, as that seems to be something new they’ve been seeing lately.  The silver lining, I guess?

This is a picture of our windshield.  If you look closely at the center of the picture inside the circle shaped cracks, you’ll see a smudge.  That’s where the baseball hit.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.  I’d also be hiding the truth if I didn’t say I was angry!  Luckily, CycleGuy is the calm one and was not only able to keep the car under control, he was able to get restaurant recommendations for San Francisco from the patrol officer who came out.

So, after a short delay — probably 30 to 45 minutes — we were headed to Disneyland.  And, well, due to our short detour we missed all the traffic and arrived in plenty of time to even head to the park (which we weren’t originally planning).

Do I fret about the windshield and how horrible it is and my insurance and the inconvenience of it all?  Or, do I control my perspective as BabyGirl had about Lombard Street and just say, it’s not a crazy as the pictures would lead you to believe?

I have every right to be angry the someone threw a ball at us while driving.  I could be mad that we were delayed.  I could be ticked that I now have to pay a deductible for my insurance to get a new window.  And while I’m not pleased by any of this foolishness, it’s just a few twists and turns … and some broken glass.  And by noon tomorrow, it will be good as new!

How do you deal with thing that come your way that you were not planning for?

Come back tomorrow as I share more about our trip to Disneyland, and our travels to San Francisco.


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Honey June 18, 2010 at 11:33 pm

Hi Sara,

I would have been freaking out! Oh my! Thanks for taking a picture for your friends. Can I tell you how happy I am that you were not shot at! That is crazy. What an adventure you are having! Wow!


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