March 15, 2015

Ultimate Passover Pinterest Finds For A Delicious Seder


Passover Pins

OK, perhaps not the ultimate list of all things Passover but it’s a great start to finding recipes, crafts, and things about Passover that aren’t the same ol’ thing. Most of us have all the traditional recipes for Passover. But, what we really want are new things that others have tried and know work. I like having options from different cultures because I get tired of eating the basics night after night. Passover pins

So, I put together my Passover Pinterest Finds to help me stay out of the rut that has me hating matzo after just a few days. Hope you enjoy these and I’ll keep searching for more things to add because there are some super home cooks out there making delicious foods for the holiday. I mean, a girl can’t live on matzo alone! Passover pins

Whether you’re looking for alternative to gefilte fish, ways to make those four glasses of wine more fun, crafts for the kids, or better desserts than we had when we were kids, I promise you’ll find ’em on my board. Now, it’s so common to head to Pinterest before searching through the bookcase filled with cookbooks. Pinterest is also a constantly updated resource for how to make our holidays more memorable to everyone. And, in many cases, less work for us.

Gone are the days of bland matzo-filled meals. Pinterest has opened up a world of options, from grilled cheese sandwiches to lasagna to beautiful sides like Potato Roses and wine-inspired desserts.


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