What Does Saving Mean?

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So here I’ve been, blogging about my life and my somedays for the last year. As the calendar turned to 2011 quite a few friends (both in real life and online) began talking about getting a handle on their budgets so the could save money.

One of the first places people often start looking to save is on their grocery bill. But what does saving really mean? Does it mean putting money into a bank account or save a little each day in a piggy bank? Does it mean spending less so you have money for other things? Does it mean cutting out things and making due?

Saving means different things to different people. And my hope is that however you define it for you and your family that you find helpful and encouraging information here. I want people to know that however you define saving is all that matters.  If saving means spending less at the store, I’m thrilled if you’re able to use coupons and pair them with the weekly deals so you can walk out of the store with all you need for a fraction of the retail price.

If saving means being able to buy your child a new toy because there is a coupon code, that’s fantastic too! And so is buying groceries based on the sale and not dealing with cutting coupons but instead downloading eCoupons to your store loyalty card.

For me, saving is a little bit of all these things. I may need to buy a gift and can’t wait until some great super holiday day sale, so a coupon code giving me some savings (even if it’s just free shipping) is a welcome way to save a few dollars. Of course I head to the CVS and Grocery Stores weekly to take advantage of deals on items I normally use. Some weeks I know I’ll need those funds to go to lunch with a friend. Other weeks I keep the saved cash and use it for the next weeks budget. There are even times when BabyGirl gets a few dollars for being such a great shopping partner!

What does saving mean for you?


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  1. Saving is great. No one should needlessly pay full price for something when they do not have the extra money.

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