February 9, 2010

What Is On Your Someday List?



What is your Someday?  Or, more precisely, what are your Somedays?

As a kid, I often talked about all the grandiose things that I would do someday.  Many of them were, in retrospect, absolutely ridiculous.  But no one ever told me it was impossible.  As a matter of fact my mom was my biggest encourager and always said that if I wanted something bad enough I’d figure out how to make it happen.  While I didn’t fully grasp what she meant until I was well into adulthood, I always knew that I had the ability to make it happen.

No matter how much I wished, I was never going to have a magic wand, a fairy godmother or kingly father willing to make my every dream come true.  I was going to have to figure it out on my own.  At this point my list of things that began with ‘Someday I …’ was very long, and, well, it still is – this girl has dreams!

A Someday list has stuff on it that you put off because you can’t afford it or don’t think you can spend the money on because there are other more pressing needs for your money.  These items are things that get pushed further and further away because other people and other obligations seems to come first.  But no longer!

So how am I going to make these Somedays into a reality?  How can you make your Someday(s) reality?

I’ve kept my list in my head all my life, well, since I was 7.  I didn’t write them down because I never wanted anyone to find it and make fun of my Someday list.  It does have some pretty goofy things on it.  I know that by writing things down you are more likely to hold yourself accountable to them and work toward them.  For so long I’ve ignored that important step because I didn’t want to look at a list that I never crossed anything off of.  I know now, though, that my dreams can only become reality if I actively take steps to make things happen.

The famous Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  I ask you to join me today in taking that first step to making your Someday a reality – write it down!  Make your list.  What is that thing, or things, you want to do Someday that you can’t do today because you do not have (think you do not have) the financial means?

Is it taking a family trip to Europe?  Retiring at 50?  Buying that name brand handbag?  Going back to school?  Whatever it is, I’m here to offer you ways to make your Someday a reality.  Before you even begin making the small changes in your daily life though, I ask that you write down your Someday(s).  You don’t have to share it with anyone or post it anywhere.  This is for you.  If you need your spouse or partner on board please share it with them.

I’m here to offer you ways to save today so you have the freedom tomorrow to turn your someday into reality.  What is your Someday?  What have you always dreamed of doing but have yet to achieve because you don’t yet have enough money?

I’ll start:  Someday I’m want to take my daughter to Washington D.C.

If you care to share your Someday, please leave a comment.  Take that first step today!


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Alicia October 14, 2010 at 5:51 pm

Someday I want to take a vacation to Tahiti.

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