November 10, 2010

What’s Green and has 20 legs? Sustainable Shrimp from Whole Foods Market!


It’s in the news – fish and shellfish. Mercury levels. Over-fishing. Farm-Raised. Wild-Caught. But what does all this really mean?  I know that, as with other types of farming and animal raising there can be problems with the health of the seafood. But Whole Foods has taken steps to ensure that its shoppers get healthy seafood.

I gave up eating a lot of fish and shrimp because I wasn’t sure about it. And I didn’t feel comfortable feeding it to my daughter.  But in September, Whole Foods Market became the first national grocer to provide a comprehensive, science-based sustainability rating system for seafood. And I now had a place to go to buy my seafood and not have to worry about whether it’s safe to eat.

I know that the seafood I buy was raised in a safe habitat and monitored to ensure the health of the seafood I’m going to eat and is not harming the environment. And guess where I’m going to be on Friday, November 12th?

At Whole Foods! Buying medium-sized (31/40), tail-on cooked shrimp for $5.99/pound! I’ll be saving over 50% per pound AND eating some of the best tasting healthy for me and the environment shrimp.  And I’m going to be eating a lot of it and serving it to my friends and family because at this price not only don’t I have to cook but there’s not much to clean up either.  This one-day-only sale has a limit of 10 pounds per shopper and is available in the fresh case or in 2-pound bags of individually-frozen shrimp.

I know you’re going to want some of this shrimp too. So get your plans in order for THIS FRIDAY ONLY.

But before you go, answer this one important question:

True or False: Whole Foods Market shrimp are never treated with preservatives.

You can find the answer here.

Disclosure: I just like shrimp. And I like good quality shrimp at $5.99/lb even better. Whole Foods didn’t pay me to write this, nor did they give me free shrimp or anything else. OK, they’ll probably give me free ice for my shrimps when I buy it on Friday. But they’ll give you free ice too!

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ZoniDuck November 10, 2010 at 2:47 pm

Wow! I think that might be cheaper per pound than organic free-range cruelty-free turkey. Yay, shrimps for Thanksgiving! 😀

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