March 10, 2011

What’s Your Real Age?



Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Michael Roizen, the creator of and BFF to Dr. Mehmet Oz. Although he was stuck in an airport due to flight delays, Dr. Roizen shared with me his passion for healthy living and why a simple product is so important to our longevity.

Nearly two decades ago, Dr. Roizen created Real Age to give people insight into how their lifestyle impacts the ‘real age’ of their body. He wasn’t focused on the concept of how old we think we are, but rather what our organs think we are. And he hit upon something that really spoke to people about lifestyle changes.

Dr. Roizen shared with me the ‘secret’ of improved health – soluble fiber. Not the kind found in fruits and vegetables, which is good for you but isn’t the ‘secret’ to helping your body’s aging process. Soluble fiber is found in whole oats (not the instant kind), whole barley and psyllium husks. Other than whole oats with plenty of yummy deliciousness, honestly none of these three options sounds all that tasty. And having taking psyllium husks as part of a 30-day allergen diet I can tell you that they’re nothing to write home about.

Further discussions with Dr. Roizen shed light on his relationship with Metamucil and how a few teaspoons a day added to a tasty smoothly or mixed in with other foods can help achieve the 35g of fiber women need daily (for men it’s 25g). CycleGuy has always referred to fiber as “nature’s broom”. And, well, that’s about what it is. Specifically, soluble fiber is what traps the cholesterol and moves it out of the body. I’m all for that!

Did you know that high cholesterol can lead to memory loss, wrinkles and impotence in men? Dr. Roizen said that women often focus on the fact that there is a correlation between high cholesterol and wrinkles while men hear impotence and just want to know what they have to do so it won’t happen. Our conversation was very candid, and Dr. Roizen said that long-term intimacy is often impacted more by high cholesterol than other factors. Who knew!

So what’s the solution? Well, if you like whole oats or psyllium husks you can incorporate those into your diet. But keep in mind you’ll need quite a bit. Or, you can talk to your doctor about adding a regimen that includes Metamucil to your daily diet.

I remember my grandparents giant orange canister of Metamucil and the look on their faces as they took it every morning. And I recall the conversations with my Mother In Law about how she doesn’t like it because it gels up. Well, I’m here to tell you that Dr. Roizen has been working with the team to improve Metamucil and offer different flavors and a sugar-free variety.

When I asked him about the competing products that are clear and don’t gel, he gave me secret number 2 – ‘If it doesn’t gel, it won’t make your heart well.’ It’s that nature’s broom thing that CycleGuy says about fiber. You need the gel to grab the cholesterol.

Dr. Roizen was charming and passionate about helping people improve their heart health. I’d never have guessed he was in his mid-60s by the energy he exuded. And he shared with me his and Dr. Oz’s favorite smoothie recipes so you can have them too.

I’m totally sold! I want to be as healthy as I can be, especially since I was in my late 30s when I had BabyGirl. And while Dr. Roizen said there is a heredity and DNA factor to our cholesterol, about 70% can be attributed to lifestyle. Which means that I can take charge and actively improve my heart health and my real age! And you can too!

And here’s an added bonus for you – You can enter to win a Heart to Heart with Dr. Oz! And, depending on his schedule, Dr. Roizen may be there too. It’s a 3-day trip to New York, so go enter the contest. I did!


Metamucil has teamed with Dr. Oz to provide this opportunity to have a Heart to Heart with Dr. Oz. Visit and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the entry form and submit an entry into the Sweepstakes. Entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM (ET) on 3/21/11. A person can use only one email address to enter. Limit one entry per email address, per calendar day (ET).

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, nor was there any compensation for my discussion with Dr. Roizen. Through their PR company, P&G contacted me and offered me the opportunity to talk with Dr. Roizen and I was provided a Metamucil test kit to learn first-hand how the product works. None of the statements made have been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your doctor before starting any health regimen.


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