May 5, 2011

Where am I today?


Today I have a guest post at One Mile One Meal, a wonderful site about using tiny actions which will lead to great changes. Stephanie asked me to share how I try to keep myself motivated as I work to accomplishing a goal. When I stepped on the scale as I checked in to the hospital to give birth, I was in tears watching the nurse move the big weight over to 200. Sure, I was just about to deliver a baby. Only I knew this little person was not going to weigh 53 pounds.

Just as an athlete takes sips of water throughout the game or along the course, tiny rewards keep us going and help to ensure we make it to the finish. Please see how I’ve used Tiny Actions: Rewarding Behavior to make sure I wouldn’t give up. Weight Loss Motivation: How Small Rewards Can Impact in Big Ways

Welcome New Visitors

If you are visiting from One Mile One Meal, WELCOME! I thank you for stopping by. If you’d like to know who I am and why I have this site, I’d love to share that with you. I currently have a giveaway for a beautiful handcrafted item from Haiti, signed by the artisit if you’re interested.

If you scroll down my home page you’ll find all the coupon match ups for this week at the local Arizona grocery stores. I’m a couponer, but not one of those crazy ones they’ve been featuring on TV. Like you, and Stephanie at One Mile One Meal, I like to eat as healthy as possible. But I also like to watch my budget.

And this week I’m celebrating my birthweek and have declared this my Year of Awesome 2.0 because Year of Awesome last year was really just a beta test.

Have a phenomenal day and thank you for taking time to visit my slice of heaven on the internet.




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