August 30, 2011

Whole Foods One-Day Sale 9/2: Grass Fed Ground Beef Only $4.99 lb


If you’re a beef-eatin’ family (person) you’ll want to make your way to your local Whole Foods on Friday, September 2, 2011 for some Grass-Fed Ground Beef! At only $4.99 lb this is a bargain! But there is a 10lb per person limit, so go pick up grandma for lunch and stop at the market on the way home.

Last time they had the sale I grabbed a few pounds and now CycleGuy doesn’t really like ‘regular’ beef. He can taste the difference and likes the grass-fed beef much better. It’s a bit more expensive but we think it’s definitely worth it.

If you’ve never had it, here are some prep tips to help you enjoy it more:

  • Don’t cook grass-fed beef cold; it is best when removed from the refrigerator 15 minutes or so prior to cooking.
  • When cooking on the grill, let the flames burn down more than is recommended for other meat. Also, it doesn’t need as much cooking time.
  • When cooking in the oven, lower the oven’s cooking temperature by about 25°F, and the cooking time will stay about the same.
  • Always use tongs, never a fork, to turn your beef; don’t press or flatten during cooking in order to retain precious juices.

Learn more about grass-fed beef and read about the Whole Foods grass-fed rancher partners and find out who supplies the grass-fed beef at your local Whole Foods Market.


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